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Bots' code is on the FTP.

Everyone go check it out, I guess  

He claims its both stable and addresses the issue of Mueller's Ratchet via "radiation", and, um, well, he's got the robot placement code in there, that's good  

Thats right people, If you have vb go ahead and try to make heads and tails of it. All you need to do is press the run button. I am interested in feedback...


I am already beggining to feel like: "Do people actualy see this thread? Why they dont respond?" come on people say somthing...

(note: sorry the settings files in my progtam is not backwords or forwards compatible)
(but you can desable this two or four line temporarly:

  'even? the stuff by bau
'   For t = 0 To maxsp
  '  If Not EOF(1) Then Input #1, specie(t).PosCi 'Circuler Plasment
  '  If Not EOF(1) Then Input #1, specie(t).PosRe 'Regenerate with defult position
  '  Next

then enable them after you "resave" the settings.)

(hopefull that makes num 3 times as guilty for not moving the "stuff by bau" below the mutations save rotine himself, just because I maid a simple mistake it does not mean you have to prove it to me num)

Numsgil, think it is worth making db3 settings compatible with db2? Personally, I am beginning to hate the whole db2 settings scheme enough to stop backwards compatibility, time to replace it all with just a single file.

Actually it is more a community question:

Anyone got any settings files that are worth saving? (Including Numsgil)

So in summery,

Is it worth to port entire specific settings files when there are major revisions in a program like Darwinbots. 2. What settings?

Sorry Spike, this post is borderline productive post, I just broke yet another of my little rules :P

Oh god, I only read half way down, but good god bot. Stop being so miserable, I don't want to reprogram your mind to stop being miserable manually.


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