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Bots' code is on the FTP.

Everyone go check it out, I guess  <_<  :lol:

He claims its both stable and addresses the issue of Mueller's Ratchet via "radiation", and, um, well, he's got the robot placement code in there, that's good  :D

Thats right people, If you have vb go ahead and try to make heads and tails of it. All you need to do is press the run button. I am interested in feedback...

I am already beggining to feel like: "Do people actualy see this thread? Why they dont respond?" come on people say somthing...

From Bots:

--- Quote ---2.4 crashes after the first 10 minutes, It sux...

I just want people to have a stable virsion of the program, witch includes my method of evolving first bot, and is mostly bug free... My virsion practicaly never crashes on me.
--- End quote ---

Just putting that out there.   :evil:

Whats the evil laff about?  :huh:  ?

I'll wait till someone else tries running the code...

(Didn't modify it at all, I know what you'r thinking).


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