Author Topic: Bot Eye-Sight Detection?  (Read 1115 times)

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Bot Eye-Sight Detection?
« on: November 10, 2014, 02:33:47 PM »
Is it possible?
Yes its one of those questions....but before you go its just a simple one this time...
Is it possible to check which way another bots eyes are facing...maybe through DNA or such, and via infoshots?
Reason I ask, is because i've come up with a tiebot which disables all vision except *.eye5, so it fires the virus/poisoj to disable all but *.eye5, checks which way *.eye5 faces so then it can go behind the other bot, attach a tie (it will also disable the enemy bots movement for aboutish the time it takes to harden a tie) then when tie harden it'll make the tie ultrashort, and ultra-rigid, it will make the tie be at its back as-well, then just feed *slowly* off the other bot, and use shoot to shoot other bots...

Im also thinking of a variation that grabs 3 bots, puts them at each 3rd of it, facing outwards again, and makes them just be a sheild that shoots...and it sits there having a lovely time stealing their nrg so they cant grow to berthas quite.
Whilest its not tied it just acts like a spruced up full-solo animal_minimalis...
Im fancing calling the bot 'retirement plan 1'
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