Author Topic: A Colony-Bot (Like Multi-bots/Ant-Bots)  (Read 2793 times)

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A Colony-Bot (Like Multi-bots/Ant-Bots)
« on: November 08, 2014, 03:26:34 PM »
Ok, currently bots are either solo, or mb's connected by ties...But here is your challenge, Bots not connected by ties (so singlebots only) that wont go solo either, they will communicate (infoshots?) and work in a team to complete objectives
Aggressive Dwarfs (From F1 league)
Quickdraw (From F1 League Again)
Gnats (From F1 League Again Again!)
Alga_Minimalis_Chloroplastus (VEGGIE)
Feild Conditions:
Field Size: 13
Mutations: Off
Costs: F1
Resistance: Thin Fluid
Pond Mode: Off
Vertical Gravity: None
Decay: NRG
Light Intensity: 350 (This isn't a veggie challenge, so the veggies may be fed a lot!)
Special Conditions:
MB (for your bot): No!
NOTE: Its likely you will have to observe for A LOT OF THE TIME this simulation so im not saying run it for millions of cycles, but a good amount of cycles atleast (in your post please say current cycle) and to achieve it, your bots much be working together to kill a prey and not be forming MB's. I do give 1 hinter: Infoshots! because thats my best guess of how to complete this hard challenge
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