Author Topic: 3974 Cycles and I have a *complex* Being  (Read 1644 times)

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3974 Cycles and I have a *complex* Being
« on: October 16, 2014, 12:07:58 PM »
I installed darwinbots late last night yesterday, so this is my first proper sim...I after looking at the various creatures in test sims settled on Alga Mimalis for plants, then Animal Mimalis & Ebola for my non-plants...
I created a few globuls of shapes, I dont like a to big maze...then made these little plant clusters and 'trails' and Ebola...Exploded? Not sure what happened to it really, it just *boom* But Animal Mimalis without to much interaction has gone, quite cool...At first i thought some protein trail or something built up, but I zoomed in, and found it had mass-reproduced, and was floating in the corridors I had made, and was acting like a multi-cellular being...Its using some of the smallest outer ones to *feel* around and some bits to anchor itself, good god...All it needs next are legs. I had 1/2 mutation, and kept the mutation rates for individual species standard, put a huge as hell map...

I just wish the DNA Parts were slightly better named, or in-program was a DNA chunk list...And that there was some way to directly interact with the DNA. If anyone knows how to help, i'd be happy to listen! As I said, Ive only just started.

Thanks as ever
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