Author Topic: Lookoccur bugs/ Missing conversions/ Duplicate conversions  (Read 624 times)

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Lookoccur bugs/ Missing conversions/ Duplicate conversions
« on: October 11, 2014, 07:21:31 PM »
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refvenom, refpoision commands where not based on how many
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.mkpoison/.strpoison store or
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.mkvenom/.strvenom store commands you have in the dna breaking some older bots.

The conversion mkvenom vs strvenom was missing, I had to fix it.

in6 trouugh in10 and out6 trough out10 where declared twice resulting in unnecessary preference to selection.

I increased a preference to selection of the "light" sysvar calling the second version "availability" and updated the wiki appropriately.

By the way, Panda, it was brilliant to add rmchlr specifically for chloroplasts to balance things out. It increases the preference toward selecting chloroplast modifying sysvars. If we went with just mkchlr (although assuming people are storing negative values there) then the preference will still be towards adding chloroplasts. Positive values evolve more often then negative do.

Finally, to speed up the program I took out scripts. As far as I know the feature was broken for a while and no one was using it.
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