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F1 League Summer 2014
« on: June 14, 2014, 03:55:44 PM »
1-Fruit Flies 0.1 (F1) (Moonfisher) 23-09-08
2-Fruit Flies v0.21 (F1) (Moonfisher) 28-09-08
3-Quickdraw (F1) (Moonfisher) 29-10-08
4-Fruit Flies v0.2 (F1) (Moonfisher) 25-09-08
5-Spinner v1.51 (F2) (Moonfisher) 26-09-08
6-Spinner v1.3 (F2) (Moonfisher) 27-04-08
7-Spinner v1.52 (F2) (Moonfisher) 02-10-08
8-Spinner v1.4 (F2) (Moonfisher) 01-05-08
10-Necrotic Scarab(F1) (Talfryn, ELITE)(08-11-2010)
11-Alpha2.7 WidVis(F3)(d-EVO)23-10-2008
12-Martian Tank 3 (F2)(Martian)-06.07.2007
13-Animal Minimaxis 3 (F1)(Vir)(venom)-14.01.07
14-H. Devincio Venator(1st Gen) (F1)(PY)-31.10.03
15-First bot ADV (6G)(Henk(Mod))-05.03.04
16-A. Praxidikae mk2 (F2)(Unc) 07.29.05
17-A. Praxidikae mkI (F2)(Unc)-01.09.05
18-Duo Minimalis (5G)(Anonymous Guest Person)-23.02.05
19-D. Blinder (F2)-01.03.04
20-FirstBot (4G)(Botsareus) - 10.03.05
21-Mori Bot (F2)(Henk)-10.12.03
22-Efficient Bot (F1)(Shen)-01.09.04
23-Circumversor Cantharissa (F2)(Jez)-13.05.04

Seeding Faze:
Nanite Detonators is a very cool tie feeder
Vector has the craziest reproduction method
Tournament Faze:
Fluffy overtook Diversa reflexum after starting 5:200 and having a seed of zero
Mutchy was losing against Animal Archara until Animal got enough numbers for Mutchy to start tie feeding properly, then Mutchy was catching up until Animal lost enough for this cycle to repeat
Mutchy Vs. Animal is a good co-evo specimen if you mod the mutations right
We are at 3K cycles in overtime Mutchy Vs. Animal that is the longest overtime yet for all 6 leagues
Solerbot Vs. Alpha was interesting, Alpha just did not have enough motion to fully kill Solerbot until the very end with 1 solerbot left
One Man Bucket literally chocked seasnake out
It was anyone's game Alpha 1.1.5 Vs. Helios;
Stepladder Faze:
Seems like Moonfisher knew what he was doing, all top 8 robots are his.
Spinner 1.51 Vs. Spinner 1.52 took forever

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Re: F1 League Summer 2014
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2014, 04:33:55 PM »
Too much versions of same bots. Time for some trimming.

Confused that there are F3 bots in here. :blink:

Could you give the exact way you ran this? I suspect some of the better bots were knocked out in the tournament phase.
Oh my god, who the hell cares.

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Re: F1 League Summer 2014
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2014, 11:25:42 AM »
Too much versions of same bots.

To be fair, that dude did indeed create all these bots. And I had no idea which one is the most boss. Maybe next time I run a league update I'll trim them up.

The rules are as follows:

F1 contains all robots from F1, F2, F3, SS, SB, MB
F2 contains all robots from F2, F3
SB contains all robots from SB, SS

I actually had to go trough 350 robots when running the F1 league, that is why it took me a while.

Looking back at it, my tournament algo. was not really good when you get below 32 robots, because it can bunk up to 15 random  robots in there that where average during seeding, but not necessarily good. That is exactly what happened during the league. So pay attention only to the top 8. Still, I bet it will be fun for nubs even to try to make it past the bottom 15.
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