Author Topic: Darwinbots 2.46 Full version now available.  (Read 720 times)

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Darwinbots 2.46 Full version now available.
« on: November 26, 2013, 12:43:17 PM »
Follow this link

Here once again is the epic list of changes:

  • Small bug fix when rename main directory
  • Graph Join cancel fix
  • Can set to use old color
  • DBLaunch major update
  • Bug fix with robots not dieing during corpse mode
  • Make saves dir if not found
  • Restart mode loads correctly
  • Randomize seed on restart
  • Added music
  • Added an option to graph new to display all running graphs
  • Graphs are now more user friendly
  • Turn cost calculated more accurately
  • Better color randomization on add robot
  • Implemented DNACOPY cost for reproduction and virus
  • Implemented all DNA execution costs
  • Update to pipe server name
  • Mutation oscillating improved and implemented
  • another overflow fix in eye strength formula
  • Core code to run and test Chloroplasts implemented
  • Bug fix to prevent chloroplasts from going negative
  • Bug fix in reading number before store
  • Added a soup of new dna commands
  • small fix in main global setting explanations
  • seconds timer does not update if user form is disabled
  • enabled some low level checks in an attempt to stabilize the program and avoid or at least track run-time errors better (It was srprising how little they impacted performance)
  • Created more meaningful names for unpow (now called root) and depow (now called logx)
  • Fixed error in logx
  • mutation ox now between 20x and 1/20 x
  • Made energy robots get from waste liner
  • Added option not to decay waste shots
  • Further Optimization of Chloroplasts
  • When corpse forms, Chloroplasts are reset to zero for it
  • Added chloroplast cost to F1 rules
  • Made the annoying Buoyancy Warning optional
  • Now you can disable video automatically when simulation starts
  • Slime decay rate has been changed from 2% to 1%
  • Do not prompt for IM when loading from command line
  • Mod to buoyancy storage (view help on setboy command for more info)
  • Internal help now matches external help
  • Tie by touch implemented
  • Fix for epigenetic memory copy by birth ties implemented