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Vision2 Bau's FirstBot
« on: May 19, 2005, 07:30:20 PM »
'proper reproduction gene caused children to reproduce a few times just after
' they were born themselfs
'V2: Temporarly got rid of proper reproduction gene , seems like in current db
'robots do better without it. I might post virsion one again if the time is right.
'This robot is too simple , therfor it only likes a "small" challange.
'But it can grow up to be a F1 Board leader, all you have to do is evolve it properly
'Dont ask me how I dont know...
'---> Simple = better , more unique results! <---
'-> killing each other is the way to go! I.e compatition is good <-
'Bau 2005

*.nrg 20000 >
50 .repro store

-1 .shoot store
10 .up store
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