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« on: April 12, 2005, 03:14:43 AM »

Get latest version of darwinbots.  Hopefully lots of errors are fixed.

PY's changes:
I fixed a bunch of bugs that were reported last week and also made a few further
mods to ties and robot shapes. here is a brief list of stuff included.

Physics Bordercols:--> Removed bouncing off sides as it was causing phantom shots
when robots got stuck on the wrong side of the edge. Replaced it with code to
make robots stop at the edge. I don't like the bounces anyway. That is why we have
the *.edge function that I added about a year back.

Shots module Sort-shots and Update-shots: --> fixed shots wrapping around while
not torroidal

Console form - Cycle: --> Fixed veggie feeding rate.

Form1 code: --> Loads of stuff in here but mainly to do with the graphic drawing
routines. Click the smiley icon now and bots become triangles. You can change the
number of sides with a single variable "sides" in the "drawrobper" routine. Plan
to make this value part of the individual robot files so that it can be defined
from DNA files and mutated.
Changed thickness of ties to see how they look. Much skinnier now and I think I
prefer them this way. They used to be even smaller prior to V 2.12.

Ties: --> increased maximum ties to 4 (also thinking of max tie numbers being
related to rob shape so that this is defined in DNA and is mutatable).

Options: --> Modified all places where the mutarray is accessed. The loops only
run to 13 in many places. This needs to be 14 or the new control in the mutations
panel never gets set to the correct (or default) value when a robot file is

Numsgil's Changes:
Robots array set to 5000 as a temporary fix.