Author Topic: Timer-based Mod form Multibot formation  (Read 1750 times)

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Timer-based Mod form Multibot formation
« on: May 14, 2008, 01:59:04 PM »
25 .sharenrg *.multi mult store
*.tiepres .out2 store
*.timer mod *.out2 .redtie store
*.tout5 *.tielen mult 40 store
*.out1 .tout1 store
*.robage mod *.tin1 41 store
*40 *41 div 8 mult *.xpos *.ypos angle mod *.trefxpos *.trefypos angle add div .fixang store
*.vel *.trefvel sub mod *.maxvel *.timer add mod 20 rnd 1 2 mult mod *.tin5 *.tielen mult *.mass mult *.eyef abs mod 50 add .fixlen store

40 and 41 are your sides that are given, your position is wrapped around the tied position, added and then divided to creat either a 30, 60 or 90 degree angle, because its within these ranges, this allows for a bot to swing an exstension much like a chain or pendulum to propel the entire organism in some direction. The length set is determined partly by the velocity of both tied bots, and wrapped around several other mods that convert the cieling from a random value to a constantly changing value, mass and tielen. The only downfall is that whe the bots are equally massed, there is no difference in torque so the organism sort of spins in place, once a side develops, the process continues and the complexity groes even furhter. Uses the Hilbert curve whereby all angles are congruent and non overlapping, however there is some error in my translations in ang and I haven't been able to find an easy solution, basically the bots inertia is controlled by another bot, when the bot is equally balanced, or surrounded, equilibrium is achieved.