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Download folder for Veggies
« on: December 20, 2006, 07:54:42 AM »
Download all the bots in the Veggies Bestiary in one go!

Any new Veggies will have their name added here with the date they were added to the bestiary in case you don't wish to keep downloading an updated folder.

To be added to download:
Alge Minimaxis (Veg)(-Venom-)-01.05.07
Mefistofelicus Minimalis (Veg)(Mefisto74)-05.01.04
Mefistofelicus Punctuta (Veg)(Mefisto74)-02.01.04
The Social Vegtable (Veg)(Tragos)-03.10.04
Prickly_Alga (Veg)(Abylaly)-02.04.07
Alga Runawais (Veg)(Razzo)-02.07.07
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