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Patterns from Turning
« on: December 18, 2006, 07:04:32 PM »
While working on an evobot I noticed turning different degrees can result in different patterns of shots.

The first one is probably the most interesting since it creates a rotating five pointed star pattern. The other novel one is the rotating triangular form.
Code: [Select]

'rotating star pattern
500 *.aim add .setaim store

'rotating tri pattern
'800 *.aim add .setaim store

'Highly randomized rotating pattern
'900 *.aim add .setaim store

'4 points -- very dull
'314 *.aim add .setaim store

'rotating star
'255 *.aim add .setaim store

'Standard single spiral
'224 rnd *.aim add .setaim store

-1 .shoot store
20 .shootval store