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Tips for getting IM to work
« on: March 25, 2008, 12:16:17 PM »
1. Our current server limits client machines to a total of 2 FTP sessions.  If you have recently downloaded a new version of the simulator or otherwised accessed the server (the DB web site) using FTP, try closing that program you used to do that (e.g. IE or the Windows explorer) or even rebooting your computer to clear out the sessions.  Running multiple DB instances in IM mode has problems and will similarly create additional sessions.

2) Try exiting and restarting the DB exe itself.  Windows will keep the FTP session cached as long as the exe is running even if you quit Internet mode.  Tearing down the exe is the only way I've found to date to kill the session so that the server will let you in again.

3) Be sure your don't have invisible zombie instances of DB running in the background.  Sometimes when DB crashes, the exe does not go away.  Use the task list to check you don't have instances still running (and holding an FTP session) that you don't know about.

4) The server treats all machiens behind a NAT as a single machine (I think) and again only allows 2 FTP sessions from that entire LAN.  If you have problems running multiple instances of DB on different machines behind a NAT, this is why.

5) There have been some reported cases of router/NAT/firewall/cable modem boxes caching FTP sessions.  If you still can't get things to work, try restarting (powering off then back on again) your router/NAT/firewall/cable modem.

6) If you are running a local firewall (such as the Windows firewall on either XP or Vista) the DB exe needs to be given permission to access the network.  Generally you will get a pop-up asking you to allow this the first time you run each new version of the DB exe.

7) Be patient.  Some errors are expected and are normal such as when multiple sims attempt to open and download the same file on the server.    Time out problems can happen for a number of reasons.   Be patient.   The code will retry at the next sync cycle.

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