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Off Topic / ERepbulik
« on: February 19, 2009, 08:28:30 AM »
I was going through news articles and I saw a rather familiar mouse dangling over cheese followed by a very familiar name

Anyhow ERepublik is basically a political/economic/military simulator. One of the best I've seen in terms of how close it comes to reality in the game. It can be daunting just starting out, if anyone needs any help getting started, feel free to send me a message. My game name is the same as it is here.

Simulation Emporium / Any other Zerobot Sims?
« on: February 13, 2009, 10:30:28 PM »
Still letting my zerobots do their thing, the problem is they seem to have plateaued in their evolution. They reproduce, they tie, they shoot and they've learned to modify their shootval based on the body of the bot they're tied to. I'd like to move them forward again though.

Injecting DNA from other bots has worked well in the past(tie ability and reproduction) so I'm hoping someone else will post a sim with novel zerobot DNA I can mix with theirs.


It seems like its been forever since I last posted. Finally finished with the Navy, so things were a bit hectic  

Interesting behaviour bots / Snap Tie bot
« on: November 02, 2008, 12:01:56 PM »
Thought I'd show a different way for bots to move via ties. This one snaps it's ties by storing a large value into .fixlen, I have another bot on here that used to move similarly but I doubt its working with the changes in .tielen. Once it gets going it'll work okay, generally needs to start at 30 bots for tie snapping to begin.

Code: [Select]
'Snap Tiebot
'uses tie snapping to move

'dnalen conspec id
.dnalen .tmemloc .dnalen *.tmemloc sub sgn abs mult store

'rnd tieing
.tie 1 rnd mult inc

'rnd turning
314 rnd .aimdx store

'reproduction is somewhat uncontrolled, by product of it's snap-tie movement strategy
50 .repro *.numties sgn -- - mult store

'Snaps the tie, allowing the bot to move
10000 .fixlen *.numties sgn mult store

'body managment

 *.nrg 3 div *.body sub dup .strbody swap sgn sqr mult store
 *.body *.nrg 3 div sub dup .fdbody swap sgn sqr mult store

'uses tied body feeding and sharenrg

-6 .tieloc *.tmemval *.tmemloc * sub sgn abs mult *.trefage sgn mult store
-1000 .tieval *.tmemval *.tmemloc * sub sgn abs mult *.trefage sgn mult store

100 .sharenrg *.numties sgn mult store

Bug reports / Tied Waste Transfer bug
« on: October 16, 2008, 12:00:48 AM »
Ah, the strange oddity that is negative waste transfer...

Pwaste is building up in the tied bot when a bot uses:

-4 .tieloc store
-32000 .tieval store

I thought this was fixed already, but guess not.

On a related note:

Is setting tienum still supposed be required for tiefeeding and the like? I have several bots happily feeding without it.

Kind of like it, should make it easier for the zerobots to develop tie feeding.

Simulation Emporium / Congo Lines
« on: October 04, 2008, 05:27:50 PM »
Really oddball behavior that turned up in a zerobot sim. Basically the two congo lines of bots along the edges will switch sides in the sim every so often moving in unison with a group bots on the opposite side. It "seems" to be tied to a low population level, but could also be using timer somehow to co-ordinate the movement.

Presumably the behavior did something useful for the bots when the sim was fully torroidal, but it wasn't as noticeable. The bots got part of their dna from Ikke's zerobots, so may look familiar.

Interesting behaviour bots / MicroNet2
« on: September 05, 2008, 03:13:31 PM »
Odd micro net forming bot, heads towards the direction of the veggies and ties to them then pushes them along, while carrying with them the rest of the bots in the mb. Works best in torroidal mode.

Code: [Select]
'31997 rnd 2 add .setboy store
.delgene .memloc *.robage sgn 1 sub - mult store
.delgene .tmemloc *.robage sgn 1 sub - mult store
-715 .delgene *.delgene -715 sub sgn abs mult store

-6 -7 abs -505 abs * sgn mult *.memval -715 sub sgn abs mult store

-330 abs *.refshoot sgn sub inc

'primary food gathering
100 50 *.tmemval -715 sub sgn mult sub .sharenrg *.multi mult store

50 .repro *.nrg 2000 sub sgn 0 floor mult store
200 *.shell sub 0 floor 200 ceil 200 *.shell sub sgn abs .mkshell mult store

-505 abs * -1 abs -505 abs * sgn mult store

'start of tie section
*.tiepres .tienum *.tiepres sgn mult store

*.body 3 >
*.body 1 sub .fdbody store

*.body 2 <
1 .strbody store

*.repro 0 >
0 -1 abs store
628 .setaim store

*.tienum 0 >
*.numties 0 >
*.tmemval -715 !=
1000 .tieval store
.tieval .tieloc store

*.memval -715 =
-505 abs * 0 >
*.refxpos *.refypos angle .setaim store

'backup for above
-715 .delgene *.delgene -715 sub sgn abs mult store


Suggestions / Color Again
« on: July 20, 2008, 03:51:22 AM »
Had an idea for the bots being able to use signalling colors. Yes, I know it's been suggested before, but the problem of its effecting the mutation colors was a major stumbling block.

What I was thinking was instead of changing the outer color of the bots, we could set it to change the inner color of the bots. It's already redrawn each cycle anyways(add a bkground pic to see), so it shouldn't be any additional processing time required than for the additional dna code itself. It wouldn't be too different than how in/out currently work, but it could be useful for us as well by providing a direct indication of something occuring in the dna.

Not sure how the sysvars would be set up there's more cominations than we could fit into a single sysvar so multiple ones would be likely needed.

Tips and Tricks / Random Stuff
« on: July 14, 2008, 03:53:06 AM »
Not much happening in the forum right now...

Figured I'd take the opportunity to post on a few things I've been working on.

Getting more use out of delgene and vshoot:

Started using both vshoot and delgene for conspec ID via memloc/memval. At the start of their life both sysvars are set to different large negative values, this helps prevent viruses that only use inc I addition to allowing the bot the ability to safely use these for recognition. Since these values are always required to be activly checked for changes anyways(normally just being reset to zero) this combines resetting the recognition system with protecting the bot from viruses. Memloc is set to one of the two values at the start of their life as well, the actual conditions use the refrence of memloc to know which value to check against.

My virus, Myself:

In the same vein as delgene and vshoot, its actually better not to use zero for virus prevention. For 1G bots it's best to simply make your own gene at the start and whenever mkvirus is not equal to your own gene with vtimer  equal to zero. In this way your bot can prevent regular viruses from utilizing mkvirus. While foreign viruses can still activate vshoot, the worst that'll happen is your bots will launch their own dna out with a decent chance of "infecting" other bots or alga.

Turning without turning:

Been working on a bot that doesn't actually rotate itself but instead moves it's eye5dir for sighting other bots, it's more of a beta-bot than anything else but it's interesting to see. Seems pretty decent they're able to move at a constant velocity, while still remaining on the lookout for food. Once it actually spots something it uses the standard setaim method for aiming. Still a work in progress as it continues to have problems with edges and the turning code could be better. Could likely also be useful for a MB like SeaSnake since the back bots could still be on the lookout for food to inform the head about.

Checker Veggie

Made a better veggie, it uses *.totalmyspecies to reproduce when it's total population is below it's old highest value. Not completly effective due to the slight surge that'll occur but I've found it works better than the standard energy check or simply trying to constantly repro.

I still think something should be done to prevent .totalmyspecies from being stored into memloc for leagues. Seems like it should still be able to be used, just not as a unique species number.

Alrighty, all I have for now. Hopefully this'll break the July 4th spell that seems to have settled over the place.

DNA - General / Sysvar Question
« on: April 19, 2008, 09:34:51 AM »
Alright, this has been bugging me for the last few days. One of my bots mutated their repro dna:

.repro 32000 rnd mult inc

by adding a >> (right bit shift) before the inc.

there's nothing before the .repro command, so it is basically functioning as a 2 div.

The question is what's so useful about it that it's been conserved across the whole species for the last few days. I've looked at all the multiples of 150 and only 300, 450 and 900 look they actually do something.

Suggestions / What works and what doesn't
« on: August 02, 2007, 06:15:49 AM »
General list for things everyone has seen working/not working.

Let's see...

Reverse Polish - strange at first, but has a certain charm; this reverse math is beloved by evolution.

Rnd - It randomizes... Probably evolution's favorite command of all, lets bots be incredibly unpredictable

Ties - They're mouths, hands, and locomotion; little bit unwieldly but otherwise great.

Viruses - bit primitive, but mixes dna with amazing results

Epigenetic Locations - lets bots transmit basic information to their kids

Truncated Storage - not a common feature but I've found keeping locations stored to within 0-999 speeds up evolution a huge amount.

Reverse Resource creation - allows bots to create/uncreate resources(Positive value, create; Negative value eat). Lets bots consume resources they find, allowing for more niches in a sim. Also saves on memory locations.

Okay, that's all I can think of right now. Feel free to add.

Suggestions / Death Rate
« on: May 23, 2007, 01:23:27 AM »
Where'd everybody go? Seems like this place was abandoned all the sudden...

Wanted to recommend adding in either an optional age limit or a random death rate option. I've, been working with a version that I rigged up to have an actual age limit. The evolution rate is amazzingly fast compared to normal. The death rate basically ramps up the selection process, improving what is actually evolved. Canni's still come about, but the age limit kept them from dominating by becomming immortal, like they do other times.

I'm planning on changing the code again to see what effects a random death has. I thinking that random death may be the true spur that drives evolution on. Provided they have enough time and resources they can adapt to pretty much anything. The one thing they can't out-evolve is a pure random death.

Its pretty amazing to be able to watch the population change completly after just a couple of seconds. I'm also thinking that with a little more area the bots will be able to speciate. It's not precisly the distance that keeps creatures in the real world seperated. More accuratly its the fact that their death rate simply does not support crossing the distance.

Suggestions / Reversable Storing Locations
« on: May 02, 2007, 05:47:22 PM »
Would it be posssible for .fdbody/.strbody, .mkshell/.mkslime to be reversable in the next version? I've been using this in my knock-off version and had really good results with the bots figuring out novel ways to use them.

They managed to come up with this efficent bit of code to self-regulate their own body levels.

*.body rnd 100 sub .fdbody store

In a zero-ot sim they even appeared to start shell feeding there for awhile(shell sharing + reverse mkshell) didn't last unfortuantly, but it was interesting to see.

DB Art / DB Video
« on: March 18, 2007, 07:18:26 PM »
Found a very nice (and free) screen recorder. Been using it to capture some of DB's best moments. Just uploaded a couple to YouTube.

Eco Colapse


Pretty cool to see, you can download the recorder here:

Color's not a great as I'd hoped it would be... Gonna have to make sure to use brighter bots in the future.

Simulation Emporium / Corpse Feeding
« on: March 13, 2007, 02:40:27 AM »
Based on an idea of EricL's for Dna-less plants, I created a veggie species that rapidly deplete's their nrg supply and falls to the bots below as a rain of corpses. Worked amazingly well for a long term sim, since the corpses can't accidentally mutate like the plants can. The pure carnivore seemed to help also, they've stayed largely non-canni for an astoundingly long time, reaching a stable population of 1000 from an intial stable population of 60.

I'm planning to work some more on the concept and see about using it with a gene swapping bot; since the corpses can't accidentally absorb a virus, like plants, it would be much easier to use. It might also be usable for an oddball top down ecosystem sim, with the carnivores on the bottom and nrg tie feeders above them.

Off Topic / Altruism Video
« on: December 23, 2006, 08:03:50 AM »
Maybe it's just the time of year, but it seems everyone in alife is talking about altruism.


There's a pretty good video on the topic over at Grey thumb

It parallels surprisingly close with what we've found already, especially the arbitrary reference tags/numbers.

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