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Off Topic / angry little welsh man part 2
« on: October 27, 2005, 11:51:01 AM »
hello people, I left a message before but now I cant find it - I wonder if ulcissor (suspiciously like ulcer if you ask me) had anything to do with it...
anyhoo, I love sheep, sheep are cool, sheep are my friends, I wish I had a sheep of my very own. :wub: I'm from wales and there are lots of sheep in wales, lalalala. I love showers too, you can just wah everything away afterwars... :rolleyes:
so, about bugs - I have a bug called huwberta, she's brown and day though I thinki'll drug her with her bedtime coke and shave off all her hair, and then she wont be curly anymore...hahahaha(malicious, psychopathic evil laugh) :evil:
bye for now my new found friends, I have to go and talk to spazdek...

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