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I did a complete clean and reinstall of DB and now it doesn't crash anymore...? I could upload the problematic install if wanted (around 7mb).

Btw, after now getting to try out "zerobot" I have 1500 red and blue bots and the simulation essentially ground to a halt. Is this supposed to happen? Does this do anything but add 5 red and 5 blue bots filled with zeroes every 10 cycles for ever?


I was playing around with the "Evolution" tab under "Global Settings" and when I set the checkbox "Zerobot", after the first restart, it immediately gives me a "Div by 0" error message and DB becomes unresponsive. I had to delete "restartmode.gset" or else it would continue to throw the same message every time I started DB.

After hoping that that checking "safemode" before entering the restart cycle might change something DB told me to upload some files (I did not ask me about safe mode by itself like explained in the stickied thread). They are in the zip in the attachment.  There was no "localcopy.sim" nor a "lastautosave.sim".


Off-topic: Is the "Evolution" tab explained anywhere? I have no idea what I'm looking at with the other tho modes.

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