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Title: SGfying tool.
Post by: Moonfisher on March 10, 2009, 04:43:49 PM
Ehm... not 100% sure it isn't full of bugs.
And never realy got some propper safety around and/or so words with or in them like floor can cause problems... unless on the same line as a store
Kinda silly, think it manages it right in the sgfy function, just not all the other places it checks...
Anyway I'll update when/if I fix it.. it should though, since the whole reason I made this was to try and get the hang of regular expressions and perl.

Also it doesn't handle not, xot, dropbool, clearbool, asf asf...

But it can understand a lot, and I think I'll work on the details and all that.

But so far it can translate a lot of bots, and the script should be easy to adjust and fix.
Just write the name of the file you want translated in the $readfile var.
You'll need something to run the script, I use ActivePerl :
link (http://www.activestate.com/activeperl/downloads/)

Tips and tricks for perl and regular expressions are more than welcome.

Code: [Select]
my $readfile = "Filey.txt";

my $writefile = "Sgfied_$readfile";

open(READFILE, "<$readfile");
open(WRITEFILE, ">$writefile");
my @lines = <READFILE>;
my $lineNr = 0;
my $main = 0;
my $header = 1;
my $headerText = "";
my @mainConditionStack;
my @conditionStack;
my $conditions = "";

sub sgfy
my $localLine = "$_[0]";
if($localLine =~ m/[\s]*(<=)/){$localLine = "$` 1 sub sub -1 mult sqr dup div$'";}
if($localLine =~ m/[\s]*(>=)/){$localLine = "$` 1 add sub sqr dup div$'";}
if($localLine =~ m/[\s]*(!=)/){$localLine = "$` sub dup div$'";}
if($localLine =~ m/([^!|>|<])=([^!|>|<])/){$localLine = "$`$1sub dup div 1 sub abs$2$'";}
if($localLine =~ m/([^!])<([^!])/){$localLine = "$`$1sub -1 mult sqr dup div$2$'";}
if($localLine =~ m/([^=])>([^=])/){$localLine = "$`$1sub sqr dup div$2$'";}
if($localLine =~ m/[\W]?(and)[\W]?/){$localLine = "$`mult $'";}
if($localLine =~ m/[\W]?(or)[\W]?/){$localLine = "$`add $'";}
return $localLine;

sub addCondition
my $newLine = "$_[0]";

if($newLine =~ m/([\W\D]{1})([=|>|<]{1})([\W\D]{1})/)
if($main){unshift(@mainConditionStack, sgfy("$`$1$2$3"));}
else{unshift(@conditionStack, sgfy("$`$1$2$3"));}
$newLine = "$'";

while($newLine =~ m/[\W]?(and)[\W]?/|| $newLine =~ m/[\W]?(or)[\W]?/)
if($main){unshift(@mainConditionStack, sgfy("$`$1\n"));}
else{unshift(@conditionStack, sgfy("$`$1\n"));}
$newLine = "$'";

sub getConditions
my $currentConditions = "";
my $bools = 1;

if(@conditionStack == 0 && @mainConditionStack == 0){return "";}

#Non main is backwards
foreach my $cond (@conditionStack)
if($bools <= 0){next;}
if($cond =~m/^(mult|add)/){$bools += 2;}
$currentConditions = "$cond$currentConditions";
#if($bools <= 0){continue;}
if(!($currentConditions eq "")){$currentConditions = "$currentConditions mult ";}

#Main is backwards, then forwards
$bools = 1;
my @mergedMain = ();
my $mergedMainCond = "";
foreach my $mmcond (@mainConditionStack)
if($mmcond =~m/^(mult|add)/){$bools += 2;}
$mergedMainCond = "$mmcond$mergedMainCond";
if($bools <= 0)
push(@mergedMain, $mergedMainCond);
$mergedMainCond = "";
$bools = 1;

$bools = 1;
foreach my $mcond (@mergedMain)
$bools = 0;
$currentConditions = "$currentConditions $mcond";
$currentConditions = "$currentConditions $mcond mult ";
$currentConditions = "$currentConditions mult ";

return $currentConditions;

print "SGFYING!\n";
foreach my $line (@lines)
if($line =~ m/^'/)
if($header){$headerText = "$headerText$line";}
else{print WRITEFILE $line;}

#Not supported
if($line =~ m/(\s[*]\s|~=|%=|clearbool|dropbool|dupbool|swapbool|overbool|xor|not)/)
print "$1 not supported line $lineNr\n";

$headerText = "$headerText\n'****************\n'*****SGfyed*****\n'****************\n\n";
print WRITEFILE $headerText;
$header = 0;

#Pre manage
if($line =~ m/[^*]([.]{1}[\w]+|[\d]+)\s+inc/){$line = "*$1 1 add $1 store\n";}
if($line =~ m/([*.]{1}[\w]+|[\d]+)\s+inc/){$line = "$1 * 1 add $1 store\n";}
if($line =~ m/[^*]([.]{1}[\w]+|[\d]+)\s+dec/){$line = "*$1 1 sub $1 store\n";}
if($line =~ m/([*.]{1}[\w]+|[\d]+)\s+dec/){$line = "$1 * 1 sub $1 store\n";}

if($line =~ m/[\W]*cond[\W]*/){$main = 1; next;}
if($line =~ m/[\W]*start[\W]*/){$main = 0; print WRITEFILE "start\n"; next;}
if($line =~ m/[\W]*stop[\W]*/){@mainConditionStack = (); print WRITEFILE "stop\n"; next;}

if($line =~ m/(store)/)
$conditions = getConditions();
$line = "$` $conditions $1$'";
#print $line;
print WRITEFILE $line;

if($line =~ m/[=|>|<]/ || $line =~ m/[\W]and[\W]/|| $line =~ m/[\W]or[\W]/){addCondition($line);next;}

print WRITEFILE $line;

print "\nDONE!";

I'd upload the file, but would have to rar it (Not allowed to upload this type of file).
Could SGfy bots like Roto1 and Bubbles... didn't try much else.
Even with the extreme amount of conditions in bubbles the SGfying didn't make any notisable difference.
Litle disapointed, had hoped it might have improved bubbles slightly, but the new and old versions are a clear tie...
I figure cost reduction is only usefull in numreous micro bots with low energy that don't move or shoot much

But had some fun while exploring perl and reg expressions, and so far perl is growing on me $-)
Title: SGfying tool.
Post by: Ta-183 on April 07, 2009, 05:28:05 PM
Is anyone sure this works with current versions? I want to use this to make a virus with a bunch of parts to it. This could simplify making it a buttload.
Title: SGfying tool.
Post by: Moonfisher on April 07, 2009, 05:57:03 PM
Well just made it, so should work for current versions.
But as mentioned, some operators aren't handeled...
If you run it in a DOS promt it should warn you about most gaps.

But it doesn't compress the code though, so the lines can get long if you have a lot of conditions.
The longer your virus code is, the longer it'll take to channel it.

I think this is mostly a good script if you want to make a hibernator or a very small bot that needs to conserve energy.

For a virus I think you might be better off using inline conditions in most cases. It may cost more energy, but the virus will be shorter and faster to channel.

To make a very short but effective virus requires you to be tricky and original, this script is neither
Title: Re: SGfying tool.
Post by: spike43884 on November 15, 2014, 10:18:04 AM
what he hell is SGfying
Title: Re: SGfying tool.
Post by: MysticalDumpling on December 08, 2015, 04:57:42 PM
Making a bot with 1 gene