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Title: 2.37.7g Ready to go!
Post by: Endy on September 11, 2006, 04:22:48 AM
Finally, I've been able to post this. Nice version with tons of features designed to make it more ecological/evolution based. Some stuff like being to directly copy bot dna in game and see multiple memlocs simultaneously in the console, are just plain great to have around.

Found one really oddball "bug", just recently even though it's been there since at least the original 2.37.7. Basically the bot that is first in the list of loaded species list will be repoped whenever the veggies are... If there are no veggies that bot will be repoped continaully.  

Haven't figured out exactly where that bug is located. Doesn't appear to occur in Eric's vers. On the plus side I've been able to make sims where the battles never stop.  The One evolved into an even more vicious bot after evolving against Din for awhile  


Fixed continual sexreproducing veggie bug
Fixed various nrg related bugs
Increased sexrepro distance
Allows reverse feeding of slime, shell, poison, venom
Robot Data allows Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X copying of dna
Bots with no dna are penalized by having a continual nrg drain based on their age.
Has mobile blocks and walls working correctly
Countdown/Countup timer - 555 will inc/dec by 1 each cycle until it reaches zero
Fixed veggie nrg feeding problem

Modified Veggie feeding to divide total nrg amongst the individuals;
ie. Max energy times numbers of allowed veggies / actual number of veggies =
Nrg received by individual veggie
Therefore as numbers increase less food to go around

Memvals 550-554 automatically copied from parent to child
Poison able to affect family members

Dna storage locations expanded dramatically. For example: 56 -31007 store == 56 7 store
All positive and negative numbers are absoluted and those greater than 999 are truncated to last three numbers during storage.
Multiples of 1000 are equal to zero.

In the console questioning negative one to 4
ie. ? -1
Readbacks about 200 memory locations of the selected bot.

Clicking on Robot Info without having a bot selected then looking at the dna causes a bug
If a bot other than a veggie is the first bot in the list, that bot will be repopulated whenever the veggies are.
If no veggies are on the list the first listed bot will repopulate continously...

I'm going to be heading away for awhile; I'll try to post when I'm able to.

Have fun playing while I'm gone,

Title: 2.37.7g Ready to go!
Post by: Griz on September 11, 2006, 10:50:04 AM
will you add it to the Wiki as well?
along with source code?

thanks ...
will check it out asap.