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Hello everything,

A couple of moments ago (in January) I left this beautifull forum and darwinbots, I am not returning to darwinbots but am trying to tickle all of your minds again. You might remember me preaching about peak oil, but really lets get real. Peak Oil isnt such a big issue at all, there are bigger things at hand and I think I have a few general ideas.
I preach the good news of the end of the world.

Do you know marshmen? I can tell you that they didn't beam these thoughts into my head, these thoughts came from internet sites from many individuals spread across the globe and ofcourse my marvelous godgiven intelligence. I am also trying to harness the wisdom of the bible, believing that my saviour and eternal life has come through the acceptence of the safrifice of christ and the worship of the god of ancient Israel, the god of Christians and coincidentally also the god of Jehovah Witnesses. The latter proclaims that god has a name, Jehovah.

I will tell you about one litle thing I worry about:
The situation in the Middle-East. Today iran will finally conclude with denying to give up its nuclear ambitions, quite oddly it is not told that today Iran will also change its oil bourse away from the dollar, to the euro. But nobody wants to know that right?
Anyway, the USA maintains that it cannot allow the crazy Iranians that want to whipe the Zion people off the planet, to have nuclear power (not just electricity). Did you know that in the case of a second 911, the USA will attack Iran (even if it didnt do it)?
As it seems, the USA even wants to use nuclear weapons as 'self-defense'.
It happens though that iran and china and russia  are quite good buddys. I ought to wonder what would happen if the usa declared war on one part of what might be an ally of russia and china.

I am actually here to get you folks to read a litle text I wrote, about 25 pages about my life thoughts and worrys that I hope will wake you kind fellow human beings up to some realitys.
it has a litle about my life, my worrys and my thoughts.
About armageddon, peak oil, moral decay, modern society, rich & poor, god, jehovah witnesses and other stuffs.

anyway, spiceant is back for a moment or two
loving regards from yours truly, Sander Buruma

Off Topic / Please help this is taking to much of my DB time
« on: February 01, 2006, 04:11:36 PM »
eversince I have visited and red the 2 pages of I cant stop visiting and haunting both the above sit and my mind keeps tricking me into thinking either 2 are more important then DB
then again it really is... aaahh...

Newbie / Daunted newbie on the killer bot making tour
« on: January 30, 2006, 03:39:33 PM »
  • When I go to take a look at "the one" gen of chen I see only one gen and still its at the top of the F1 and SB League?
  • When exactly do bots die? I tried making a veggy that keeps on turning energy -> body but it explodes so often even though it doesnt run out of energy
  • what exactly are *.'s for? as seen in for example this condition: *.fx 0 != but sometimes there are multiple on one line of a condition like with: *.refaimdx *.myaimdx =
  • some tutorial links are red and when I click I am shown a screen where I can write the tutorial?!
I was also wondering if there are more sites (or programs) with helpfull newbie tutorials.
anyway hello community, I hope the questions dont go below the level of newbyness.

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