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Newbie / Invers Notation
« on: December 30, 2005, 08:38:49 PM »

I have a small problem to express myself in the right way  ^_^ with the db language.  I wanted to modify a simple "move-forward"-gene so that it depends on the distance to the next object, seen with the fifth eye. For example, if eye5 gives a 0 back (nothing in sight), the bot will throttle up with 100% and if eye5 gives a 100 back (a object is VERY close to me), the bot will throttle up with 0%. So I thought about something simple like this:

(100 - *.eye5) / 100 * (*.maxvel - *.vel) = will be stored in .up

One idea to write it down in DB was:

  *.vel *.maxvel !%=
  *.fixpos 0 =
  *.robage 0 >
  100 *.eye5 sub 100 div *.maxvel *.vel sub mult .up store

The bot still moves, but I can´t recognize if it really works the way I want to. Is there any documentation that could help me with the invers notation or can anyone else help me?

Thx Boreas

Newbie / Genes Activation / hi to all!
« on: December 23, 2005, 08:02:09 PM »
I have played DarwinBots together with a friend since one year. I once started playing Mindrover (perhaps you know it) and switched then to other textbased progamming games like DB. But now, I have a question. The last version of DB I played included an handy tool, where I could see my genes activations during the game, but in newer Versions (I think since 2.4 or so) it doesn´t work anymore. Is this a problem of my windows or is this feature just disabled? I really liked this feature.

I also hope, that there will be a version for Linux, so that I can play it at work

PS: Please excuse my english, there could be some mistakes (I am from Germany)...  :rolleyes:

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