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Off Topic / spam
« on: November 02, 2012, 11:45:30 AM »
Hey Nums,
What's with all the spam?

Darwinbots Program Source Code / 2.45.01?
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:06:23 AM »
The wiki still gives 2.45.01 as the most recent version. Hasn't any of the more recent work condensed into a newer version?

Suggestions / plants herbivores and carnivores
« on: November 30, 2011, 03:22:24 AM »
I was just thinking about some comment surrounding the implementation of .chloro and came up with a suggestion. Implement a digestive track in DB to create the distinction between herbivores and carnivores. The mechanism should be something as follows:
both .chloro and .body translate into mass, inertia and energy consumption when moving
eating is absorbing .chloro or .body into the gut, adding mass to the predator
absorbed .chloro and .body have have a rate of digestion which differs and is dependent on predator size (body is digested twice as fast as chloro, both are digested proportionally to predator mass)
absorbed .chloro and .body each have their own conversion rate into energy (1 body gives 10 times the amount of energy 1 chloro does)
With these rules we should be able to build a food chain in db.

Biology / human mutation rate
« on: February 04, 2011, 07:20:09 AM »
I came across this article claiming people have about 100 to 200 mutations per generation. To me this seems high. Even if only 5% of the genome is functional this means on average the genome breaks in 5-10 places

Formula 2 / League 10/5/2010 - Tangley added
« on: May 10, 2010, 12:46:48 PM »
Tangley lost from Caterpillar. Close call: 200 something vs 175.
1 - Gimmick2.0(F2)(Ikke)29.19.2008
2 - Spinner_v1.51(F2)(Moonfisher)26-09-08
3 - ThisnThat1.01(F2)(Peksa)12.05.08
4 - BETA-AA-(F2)
5 - Multiply4(F1)(F2)(Peter)19-12-07
6 - Excalibur 1.12 (F2)(Light)-06.03.07
7 - Martian Tank 3 (F2)(Martian)-06.07.2007
8 - Excalibur (F2)(Light)-26.02.05
9 - Republican Bee (F2)(Commander Keen)
10- Bubbles (F2)(Jez)-21.08.06
11- Gimmick2.0(F3)(Ikke)29.19.2008
12- Bouncer
13- BETA_T_F2__d_EVO_18_11_2008
14- Blue on blue (F2)(Jez)-05.08.06
15- Fluffy
16- Martian Tank 2 (F2)(Martian)-04.07.2007
17- Caterpillar_Peter__F2_MB_07_11_08
18- Tangley
19- Big (F3) (Moonfisher) 19-10-08
20- Markus Volithistralis2 (F2)(Ark)-08.02.06
21- Hunter V2.3 (F2)(PY)-26.04.05
22- Ymir (F2)(Numsgil)-21.02.05
23- Ratticus Rex (F2)(Jez)-27.02.07
24- SWARM 2.0 (F2)(Elite)-10.03.07
25- Zebedee V2.1 (F2)(Jez)-26.07.06
26- Icarus (F2)(Light)-26.11.04
27- Spiral (IB)(F2)(abyaly)-16.06.07
28- Tortuca Mechanica (F2)(Eight)-18.09.04
29- Purple Swarmer (F2)(PY)-23.02.05
30- One Man Bucket (SS)(F2)(abyaly)-03.04.07

Formula 2 / F2 League 10/5/2010
« on: May 10, 2010, 08:47:51 AM »
Fluffy is new at 15.

1 - Gimmick2.0(F2)(Ikke)29.19.2008
2 - Spinner_v1.51(F2)(Moonfisher)26-09-08
3 - ThisnThat1.01(F2)(Peksa)12.05.08
4 - BETA-AA-(F2)
5 - Multiply4(F1)(F2)(Peter)19-12-07
6 - Excalibur 1.12 (F2)(Light)-06.03.07
7 - Martian Tank 3 (F2)(Martian)-06.07.2007
8 - Excalibur (F2)(Light)-26.02.05
9 - Republican Bee (F2)(Commander Keen)
10- Bubbles (F2)(Jez)-21.08.06
11- Gimmick2.0(F3)(Ikke)29.19.2008
12- Bouncer
13- BETA_T_F2__d_EVO_18_11_2008
14- Blue on blue (F2)(Jez)-05.08.06
15- Fluffy
16- Martian Tank 2 (F2)(Martian)-04.07.2007
17- Caterpillar_Peter__F2_MB_07_11_08
18- Big (F3) (Moonfisher) 19-10-08
19- Markus Volithistralis2 (F2)(Ark)-08.02.06
20- Hunter V2.3 (F2)(PY)-26.04.05
21- Ymir (F2)(Numsgil)-21.02.05
22- Ratticus Rex (F2)(Jez)-27.02.07
23- SWARM 2.0 (F2)(Elite)-10.03.07
24- Zebedee V2.1 (F2)(Jez)-26.07.06
25- Icarus (F2)(Light)-26.11.04
26- Spiral (IB)(F2)(abyaly)-16.06.07
27- Tortuca Mechanica (F2)(Eight)-18.09.04
28- Purple Swarmer (F2)(PY)-23.02.05
29- One Man Bucket (SS)(F2)(abyaly)-03.04.07
30- Seasnake_1.0(F2)(EricL)

Bot Tavern / perfect equilibrium
« on: December 27, 2009, 12:32:44 PM »
Absent other f2 & f3 bots that can compete I run matches between variants of Gimmick, usually differing only in one line of code, or even just in parameters. Two days ago I started to see which variant of the two I just made was better. First competition came in about 30-60 for one. For some reason I decided to run a second. It came back 60-30. So I ran a third series. At 29000 still no winner

Darwinbots3 / codules
« on: December 23, 2009, 07:04:53 AM »
I'm not quite sure I grasp the codule concept, and maybe that is the reason for the question, but what is the benefit for an evolved bot in developing codules? As I see them they are more or less functions, more of use for easily being able to program more complex bots, than of is in an evo.

Darwinbots3 / Big O optimisation in mutation storage
« on: December 12, 2009, 06:00:51 AM »
I haven't looked at the code in DB2 but by the looks of it (memory consumption, speed of speciation algorithm) mutations are stored as an array per bot. This results in n(bots)* m(mutations) as the big O
If mutations are stored in a tree of life structure this number goes down, and sifting through mutation info takes less space and goes faster. Worst case (no common ancestor of the bots) the number is up to (n+1)*m ((n+1) because for every series of mutations I want to store the number of individuals with those mutations.) The storage becomes increasingly efficient as more bots share al larger common ancestry. In addition to increased performance all sorts of nice graphs and stats can be made.

branch: a series of mutations separated in time shared by a number of bots (n>=0, 0 meaning that the branch is now extinct)
node: endpoint of a branch. Branches may link at nodes, referring to an older branch
Every mutation either expands a branch or creates a new branch on a node.
The mutations a bot has inherited or accumulated can now be defined as a reference to the branch structure.
If a bot is born, the population count of the branches in the branch structure in increased. Similarly it is decreased if a bot dies.
Branches may be merged if the older and newer branch have the same population count. Branches where the population count has decreased to 0 may be pruned (deleted or stored off line)

With all that has been said about the first version not being optimised, I just would like to put it up here as an idea, to keep in mind, and hopefully not to put too much effort in work that would be erdone if this would be implemented.

DNA - General / variable storage & retrieval
« on: December 09, 2009, 02:55:11 AM »
Currently DB2 has makes a distinction between variable assignment and retrieval:
reading a variable is one command (.variable)
storing a variable is two commands. (.variable store)
Retrieval is implicit, storage explicit. What is the reason for this? For consistency one would expect .variable store and .variable read (both explicit, 2 BP) or .variable and something like >variable. (both implicit, 1 BP). As it is now it is easier for a bot to evolve variable retrieval than to evolve variable storage. I expect evolution sims to be faster (and or more interesting) if both are implicit. How is this giong to be done in DB3?

Evolution and Internet Sharing Sims / zerobot, nothing happening
« on: November 16, 2009, 02:55:42 PM »
I thought nothing much was happening untill I checked the small bot rotating around the big one...

Darwinbots3 / small point for DB III
« on: November 10, 2009, 02:12:11 PM »
On occasion I run evo sims with large (1000 BP) bots. Default mutation settings are much too high then to run a sim. I then typically operate at the very minimum possible: 1/32 and max numbers entered, in order to allow for selection and evolution and not degeneration. Even for small bots I have never found myself operating on te right side of the slide. Basically the slide system would operate well if the default mutation probabilities were two orders of magnitude lower (1/100)

Bugs and fixes / fresh install on vista PC
« on: October 30, 2009, 04:14:37 AM »
Installed DB (2.1) on new pc copied 2.43 l and started.
I get error messages with components missing. In secelctin new sim I get runtime error 339 comct232.ocx bla bla. On loading an old sim I get MSINET.ocx
 How do I solve this?

Interesting behaviour bots / Red queen
« on: July 27, 2009, 03:01:25 PM »

Back to work so no time to finish this bot. This bot is intended as a veggie, virus immune and non mutating bot. The idea is that its code will adapt itself to increasingly efficient evolutions of its counterpart, and thereby further the evolution to more complex behaviour. It is basically a modified version of my combat bot, Gimmick.
It works. With different versions of predecessors to this latest bot I have seen nice mutations. For instance I have seen gimmick evolve its conspec to distinguish between agressive and passive veggies
It is not stable. It usually only runs a couple of hours before one species wipes out the other.
What you program in red queen ( & set in the sim) is what you get. If (d)evolution of the red queen is triggered by the number of opposing bots in a energy capped environment the killer mutation is to grow a few big bots. The criteria for evolution in red queen have changed, but I havent yet assessed the consequences.

For the code: the two main parameters to track for the red queen logic are RQ and NOC. NOC gives the state of red queen: in rest, active or disabled (floating food basically). RQ is the other. Increasing RQ value reduces the number of queens in the rest or disabled state. It also increases its agility
As always, comments are more than welcome

Off Topic / Read on the origin of species
« on: July 24, 2009, 11:08:28 AM »
Holiday season. I had time and saw on the origin of species ant my brother in law's so I read it. It is a nice read. If you like biology, history or evolution, I would reccomend reading it. It is fascinating to realise the thouroughness of the research he did to support his statements. At several points he explicity states If you reject this you reject my theory. 150 years later creationists have not come up with a single additional argument to support their cause, and consistently fail to mention that the rebuttal was already provided by Darwin

And for those of you who thought Darwin invented the theory: it starts with an overview of his predecessors, amongst them his grandfather. At several points he also acnowledged contemporary work in support of the theory.

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