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Bot Tavern / Cloning SG bot allowed in IM?
« on: March 05, 2010, 02:49:14 PM »
Ok, I didn't put this onto IM because of the effects it may have. Here is my first bot, it is still a WIP but you should get the basic gist of it:

Code: [Select]
'Clonebot clones itself

'clonebot gene
 *.genes 1 != *.thisgene 1 != and
 1 .delgene store
 not *.genes 1 != and
2 .delgene store
*.eye5 0 !=
 *.refeye *.myeye != and
 *.refveldx .dx store
 *.refvelup 30 add .up store
  *.vtimer 1 = overbool and
 50 .vshoot store
 not and
-1 .shoot store
 *.nrg 10000 > *.vtimer 0 = and
*.thisgene .mkvirus store


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