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Bugs and fixes / Re: Replace up, dn, sx, dx with fwd, bkwd, left, right
« on: January 06, 2017, 11:35:38 AM »
The reason I want "swim" in there is if we go 3D I do not want people confusing ".up" with ".swimup"

Interpreting the code from DB2 to DBGL will not be a problem. As long as people load ".txt" file robots. Or, paste in the code editor the DB2 DNA. It will covert everything automatically. That is, it will not be forwards compatible but it will be backwards compatible. No old robots DNA will be broken as long as people remember this little enough rule.

I do need administrative approval on stuff like this though. It is a reasonably huge change.

off topic:
Buoyancy is a simple enough concept to understand. To figure out your current buoyancy you use ".boy" It is a value between 0 and 32000. 32000 means under vertical gravity enabled the robot will float to the top of the screen. Vertical gravity must be enabled. Putting a positive value into ".setboy" will increase the value in ".boy" putting a negative value should decrease the value in ".boy" Now keep in mind I have not played with this system for a while. If it does not work as explained here than it is a bug. In such case please start a new bug fix topic.

Bugs and fixes / Re: Replace up, dn, sx, dx with fwd, bkwd, left, right
« on: January 05, 2017, 08:01:27 PM »
Further thoughts on this topic:

I want to get rid of Darwin2.49 and call it something else like DarwinGreenLight.

There will be a need for a disclaimer on top of the sysvar page to "make sure to paste any DNA into DBGL found in tutorials as DB2 DNA." There will be an option to paste DB2 DNA.

That as best as I can invent for the direction I want to take DB. Any further ideas will be appreciated.

I can also minimalistically just get IM and vegys working the way I want in DB2.49 and minor bug fixes in the tie code. So definitely need to figure out what my exact next move is.

Bugs and fixes / Replace up, dn, sx, dx with fwd, bkwd, left, right
« on: January 05, 2017, 05:59:06 PM »
Up --> Swimfwd
Dn --> Swimbkwd
Dx --> Swimright
Sx --> Swimleft

And such.

This is a long overdue change and something I will add to my port anyway. I am changing the way ".thisgene .delgene" (I would prefer people disable healthy non-viral genes, also this prevents a nasty virus from deleting its hosts genes) will work so I will create a system to reorganize DNA no matter what.
I want to add this stuff to version 2.49. It will basically except the text file and generate a binary file with the correct DNA that is editable with my 'user friendly' internal DNA editor. I like Numsgils idea of having a DNA editor.

I also want to standardize the sysvar names as the LoadSysVars code is turning into a mess. And yes, I am guilty for some of that mess too. I think it is time to clean it up.

Bugs and fixes / Re: poison and venom not working
« on: January 04, 2017, 05:20:07 PM »
Yes, I think me and Shadow sorted this out reasonably well. Thanks!

It was abandoned primarily for Numsgils concerns listed above. (I think)

I will consider doing 2.49 but I do really want a port to at the least clean up the code. I will post a video I was saving for a year and a half demoing my chloroplast eco system fix first. And by then I'll figure out what I will end up doing.

I may end up just doing it open source 2.49 with more or less EricLs ftp. If I will find myself with nothing better to do. But fair warning this will include my drastic changes to vegys.

I would imagine it's relatively trivial for someone to portsnoop their own computer and find the FTP credentials from a running version of DB, so it's not like making even the entire thing closed source would necessarily mean no one has the FTP login

I dig it. Server credentials will be eventually stolen. But what good is credentials if a user can not mess with the source in the first place? That is my philosophy behind it. edit: I plan to do the organism save code from scratch because I want organisms at start of simulation. It will not be comparable with DBII anyway.

Also, I do want to go with individual usernames and passwords. And possible hook up an automatic league runner to this as well.

So I just have to put in the real credentials when compiling code. And no other users will be able to compile code and use IM without it. That is kinda brilliant Peter. Thanks. But what if someone hacks for credentials? I need Numsgils input on this as well.

No real security issues beyond that. But I still want to keep track of users with a username and password. Have no idea how to do it though.

I may end up actually implementing my current list of changes since I feel better about the whole thing. The list got rather big. But that will be during my time off from college. I also want to try a little money making project first during my time off. So it will be a while.

Off Topic / Re: My SSD drive broke down. What do you recommend?
« on: January 03, 2017, 05:08:33 PM »
I see. Good to know.

If you want to start playing around with setting up a FTP based IM again, I'll see if I can get things kosher for it on the server.

Numsgil, what do you think of my idea of not having future versions of DB open source?

Also I think I can call it something more funky then "DB2.5"

It is good to know that this may actually work  8)

I am not there yet as I have not started applying the exploit fixes yet.

I mainly asked to make sure I have a backup plan incase my attempt to port does not work.

Also we will need to figure out the whole open source thing. I am really not sure if we should let users mess with the source while connected to IM.
  For example:

 I was thinking of an IM mode where no 'repopulating' robots allowed. This IM is restricted not to teleport anything if there are not enough plants reproducing. The reason it is restricted is to not have fruitflys kill everything on all servers without letting enough self-sustaining plants teleport. If we let a user mess with code, the user can simply comment out this rule. We may catch this user in the act but the damage will be done. I.e. Say hello to unrestricted fruitfly starving itself after killing everything in IM.

Let me add that I also have no malicious intent. You can be safe to run my revisions of DB2 without it eating your computer. I only really have clarity of mind when I write code. :P

I was simply stating how it made me feel two years ago. And also stating that I realized the errors in my ways for exactly the facts you present above. What I am saying is I over reacted, and the reasons I overreacted. Although most likely paranoid flavored reasons.

« on: January 02, 2017, 09:56:23 PM »
Off topic:

I was just attempting to get you to stop trolling. Hence the term "masochistic stupidity"

You have not only pissed me off, but Testlund and Shadow as well.

For example, Testlund finally had it with you hijacking threads.

There where a few colorful exchanges with Shadow as well.

Bugs and fixes / EricL's FTP IM + my attempt to save it for what is worth
« on: January 02, 2017, 09:45:29 PM »
I cannot really see why EricL FTP based IM was abandoned other then security concerns.

If there are other reasons please do tell.

Also, is there any way to give each user a unique username and password? That in combination with not letting people mess with the source code should eliminate any security issues. I think.

Any ideas?

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