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Newbie / Sysvars2.21.txt HELP
« on: May 28, 2006, 08:31:54 PM »
Hard to believe that my incredible ignorance would be helpful.  

When starting version 2.42.5 the following error message comes up:

"The default settings file is incomptable (sp) with this version. You can save your settings to default.set to create a new one. Settings not loaded."

If I click "OK", then everything looks normal, though. Going to 'File' -> 'New Simulation' brings up a new error:

"Error. Division by zero. Saving sim in saves directory as error.sim"

And then the program closes.

I'm kind of interested in sexual reproduction with the bots, which I understand is not available in the newer version of DarwinBots but is available in the older version, so I'm not upset about not being able to use the newer version yet... but if there's a fix or a specific instruction to follow to avoid the errors, I'm sure it would be good to know - for me for the future, and for anyone else who might be as unsure about these things as myself.

Thank you both again for your speedy replies. It's a good introduction to the forum and to the community to have asked such simple questions and been treated so politely.

Newbie / Sysvars2.21.txt HELP
« on: May 28, 2006, 02:25:47 AM »
AH! I paste the texts into NotePad!

I'm slow, but I get there eventually...

Newbie / Sysvars2.21.txt HELP
« on: May 28, 2006, 02:17:19 AM »
Wow - thanks very much for the quick response!

I actually downloaded version 2.42.5 which contains sysvars2.21.txt. I had some trouble getting 2.42.5 to work, so I just downloaded 2.37.6 again and since I now have sysvars2.21.txt from version 2.42.5, version 2.37.6 works fine.


I'm having trouble getting the copy-and-pasting for the text files to work (maybe I have to paste them into something else first before I can paste them into a file?), but I think that's not DarwinBots-related and is just me being pretty ignorant in general and the fact that it's after midnight here and I'm tired.

Thanks again for the fast response. I hope to have lots of fun with this thing once I get comfortable with it...

Newbie / Sysvars2.21.txt HELP
« on: May 28, 2006, 01:02:27 AM »
PS - I seem to get the same issue when trying to download Ymir as suggested in the "Your Very First Simulation" section of the wiki as well.

Again, any suggestions gratefully welcomed.

Newbie / Sysvars2.21.txt HELP
« on: May 28, 2006, 12:51:04 AM »

Brand-spanky new to DarwinBots, just downloaded it earlier today. First installed 2.1, then 2.37.6. I'm hoping for some help with an issue I'm having.

Whenever I click on 'File' -> 'New Simulation' I get the message "Cannot locate the variables file (sysvars2.21.txt)". There's links in the wiki to download this file, and some links in this forum, too, but whenever I click on any of them I get the following message:

"Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

The error returned was:
Sorry, some required files are missing, if you intended to view a topic, it's possible that it's been moved or deleted. Please go back and try again."

So, is there any way to actually download this file?

Note: I CAN actually get somewhere with the link in the wiki to the text at, but I'm unsure what to do with it. Copy it and paste it somewhere? Does it matter what I call the file I paste it into?

Sorry if this question is ridiculous. Any help appreciated.

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