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Evolution and Internet Sharing Sims / Pfft! Just tell me what to do.
« on: June 30, 2008, 10:50:22 AM »
I want to run an internet sim without the population climbing to 3-3.5 thousand, because it slows to .2 cycles/sec. Does anyone want me to just run a copy of their faster sim? I would be more than okay with that.

DNA - General / Optimizing a Swarm
« on: June 28, 2008, 06:12:30 PM »
I was wondering if anyone could help me improve the behaviour of this bot. I would particularly like them to be able to survive better, but also it would be neat if there was a way to make them stay in tighter clusters. Here's the DNA:

 *.eye5 0 >
 *623 *.myeye !=
 *.refveldx .dx store
 *.refvelup 30 add .up store

 *.eye5 50 >
 *.refeye *.myeye !=
 -1 .shoot store
 *.refvelup .up store

 *.eye5 0 =
 *.refeye *.myeye =
 314 rnd .aimright store

 *.nrg 5000 >
 10 .repro store


Biology / Voodoo Wasps
« on: June 20, 2008, 08:59:50 PM »
Some of you may have seen this already. I thought it was a neat.

Zombie caterpillar controlled by voodoo wasps

Evolution and Internet Sharing Sims / Successes...and Failures?
« on: April 27, 2008, 07:08:37 PM »
This is quite possibly a repeat topic, sorry for taking up space. (just refer me to the actual topic and delete this one if that's the case   )

My question is about the "Find the most successful robot" feature. Is this functioning properly? If so, what are the criteria for highlighting the bot in question? How is 'success' being defined here? Could there potentially be a "Find the least successful robot" feature in the future?

Lastly, and I think I've read this somewhere on these forums already but Im really not too sure; Are the DNA scripts functional or are they also going to be implemented in future versions? I ask this because my Zerobot sim is in full swing now and it would be wonderfully helpful to have someway of searching through this mess of bots.

Newbie / Methinks it is like a weasel
« on: April 25, 2008, 05:42:37 PM »
I've written several simple programs in C++ and VB, and I was wondering how I could go about writing a Weasel Program, and I figured there might be someone here who would know how to write one. Any ideas on this?

Biology / Hello
« on: April 22, 2008, 06:33:12 PM »
I've neglected to make a post here for a few weeks however, I have had a zerobot running for quite some time, and not a whole lot has happened (although I was really happy when the first replicator emerged   ).

My question is about a project that my younger brother has to do for high school, and I was wondering if anyone had any pedagogical advice. Each class member was given a topic to discuss with the class and my brother has been tasked with explaining evolution in the space of an hour or so. I told him that exploring evolution in an hour is very hard as there is clearly a mountain if really important, intriguing information on the subject. I did tell him to mention Alife simulators though, as they are becoming an important tool in our understanding. Anyway, so far he has good historical information on the development of Darwin's ideas (Malthus, Erasmus Darwin, and Lyell) and he has some good opening points. Does anyone here have any advice on this?

Thankyou in advance,


I was not sure whether a topic like this already existed, and I couldn't find one, so I decided to devote my official second topic on this forum   to the issue of evolution and population decline. First of all, I've had a sim running about 50 hours now and I've noticed that overall, average mutations increase as population increases. This makes sense. I've also noticed that with decreases, the relationship is the same, which also makes sense. My dillema is this: How could one expect to see evolutionary changes in a population that remains relatively stagnant? Furthermore, how could a ".totalmyspecies bot" evolve in a way that doesn't lead to the aforementioned "stagnation"? Does it just take a VERY VERY long time?? Perhaps I'm still unfamiliar with this  

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about this and if there are any predictions on the evolutionary patterns/cycle, and things like that. EricL, your 1000 zerbot write-up still astounds me, and was very helpful: Did you save a long-term graphs on that sim? I was thinking about doing an evosim and keeping full record of all of the data to get an idea of the long-term patterns, if such patterns even exist.

Thanks in advance,


Newbie / Hello
« on: March 26, 2008, 07:54:55 PM »
I've been interested in these sort of programs for sometime now and I came across your forums and decided to give it a try. It's a wonderful tool clearly capable of really cool things (and I've only spent a day or so figuring out the codes  )

I see there are some people who use this forums more than others; at any rate, greetings all!

I have many questions, many of which I have been able to answer for myself, but 'thank you' to the developer(s) who made the interface very user-friendly. I've browsed these forums up and down and there is no doubt a lot of useful knowledge so I decided to make an introductory post. Oh, and that 1000 hr zerobot thing is amazing!  

Nice meeting you all!


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