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Newbie / coexistence
« on: January 09, 2022, 08:50:37 PM »
so i was running an evolution sim with animal minimalis, i made it huge, with hundreds of bots. i just fed them some really basic algae that doesn't make slime because i was hoping for the bots to take advantage of it (and also so the simulation runs faster ;)) at one point i noticed one particular patch of algae that didn't go away, and had survived for 20 generations, i was super interested because most plants are just there to feed but this one was really spaced out and smaller than normal. i saw that instead of making tons of chloroplasts and trying to grow as fast as possible which would make them really big and easy to eat they just made 1 chloroplast per cycle which slowed their growth but kept them small and hard to eat. the bots seemed to be feeding off of the plants but not killing them off completely, circling around almost like gardeners.

it looked like first the bots were sloppy eaters used to feeding on huge plants with full chloroplasts, then some plant had a mutation that caused them to only make 1 chloroplast per cycle, which made them small and hard to eat, but not impossible, some bots moved in, ate all the big plants, and started circling around the small plants getting a shot here and there, enough to reproduce once in a while, while the plants very slowly grew outward. i believe the bots have to have crappy shooting in order to coexist with the plants and have a reliable food source

i have a photo of it from yesterday, and a new photo from today. there was a small crisis where the area was temporarily infested with max body plants that somehow figured out how to shoot and they would kill everything that intersected their shots but thankfully they died because of waste. of course there's other places in the simulation, where the non-gardener bots are happy to eat huge accumulated stacks of normal plants, and then hope to find more food before they die

Newbie / merry christmas!!!
« on: January 07, 2022, 09:03:38 PM »
look at this algae, it kinda arranged itself into a christmas tree

The Starting Gate / Timebomb (mutation)
« on: December 17, 2021, 09:42:09 PM »
It doesn't actually explode, but it's interesting enough that its reproduction criteria isn't energy, but age. When it reaches 5000 cycles old, it will reproduce itself to death. If it's lucky, it will have gathered enough energy in its short lifespan to leave behind some offspring with enough energy to survive to find food and do it all over again. The environment this bot evolved in was a pretty dense high energy environment, with harsh aging penalties of 0.001 more upkeep per cycle and base living cost of 1 energy. That's probably why it decided reproducing to death was better, since it's more energy efficient than having a really old bot, like a 50000 cycle old bot has living cost of 6 energy.

Code: [Select]
'#generation: 289
'#mutations: 56

 *.eye3 *.refnrg >
 313 805 *.body *.trefvelyourup *.eye5 =
 *.tin10 538 *.in2 store
 *.aim 6460
''''''''''''''''''''''''  Gene:  1 Ends at position  18  '''''''''''''''''''''''
''''''''''''''''''''''''  Gene:  2 Begins at position  19  '''''''''''''''''''''''
 5 .up store
 29003 store
 .memloc store
 *.in4 - sgnstore
 *.eye3 *.aim >

''''''''''''''''''''''''  Gene:  2 Ends at position  32  '''''''''''''''''''''''
''''''''''''''''''''''''  Gene:  3 Begins at position  33  '''''''''''''''''''''''
 -1 .shoot addstore
 .eye8width absstore
 *.robage 5000 >

''''''''''''''''''''''''  Gene:  3 Ends at position  41  '''''''''''''''''''''''
''''''''''''''''''''''''  Gene:  4 Begins at position  42  '''''''''''''''''''''''
 50 .repro store
''''''''''''''''''''''''  Gene:  4 Ends at position  46  '''''''''''''''''''''''

The Starting Gate / Algae that shoots back randomly for evolution sims
« on: November 26, 2021, 07:07:43 PM »
Looks like this is the place where i put my bots. Well, here's an algae that just shoots randomly whenever it gets shot at. I wanted to make a plant that was more challenging than alga minimalis because all you had to do was stand there and shoot it, so my evolution sims became boring and devolved into cannibalism and 32000 shell bots. Originally i came up with one that shot back perfectly, but it killed all of the animal minimalis before they could evolve anything cool :( so i just made it shoot randomly to make it kinda dangerous, in the way that a dull, rusted butter knife is kinda dangerous

Code: [Select]
' Algae that shoots back randomly
' Literally just alga_minimalis_choloroplastus but without the slime since that's a huge waste of time
' and that shoots randomly when being shot at. It's pretty simple, I use this for evolution
' sims since alga_minimalis is literally challengeless, but anything resembling a competent defense
' with shells or venom or poison kills poor animal_minimalis outright before it evolves anything cool :(
' This should make hunting kinda dangerous but not lethally deadly

cond 'new gene from Botsareus and Panda
  *.chlr *.light <
  160 .mkchlr store

cond ' have BABIES :DDD
  *.nrg 6000 >
  50 .repro store
  15 .aimdx store

cond 'shoot randomly when being shot at
  *.shflav 0 <
  -1 .shoot store
  1256 rnd .aimdx store

Newbie / Hello?
« on: November 26, 2021, 01:54:01 AM »
I found Darwinbots a few years ago, loved running it in the background while doing other stuff and seeing what monstrosities come out at the end. But sometimes I would return to evolution-halting disappointments. Most of them were straight up mass extinctions and the screen would be filled with horribly mutated plants. But there was also this one weird case where my bots evolved chloroplasts and died slow deaths from wasting all their energy trying to move, but not before killing all of my bots that could still move around  :( I only now noticed there's a forum for it. Is there anyone here? i'd like to share some pictures of my bots going crazy and splitting into a million tiny pieces

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