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Hi again! It's been a while since I've posted something or even logged on, but I've been reading the board pretty frequently. My time is pretty limited since in I'm in the army at the moment, but I've been running a simulation whenever I'm home.

I remember reading somewhere in the forums that viral evolution can be really fast and interesting so I decided to try it. I modified my first and only league bot to a shepherd bot to provide some evolution pressure and limit population and started a medium sized sim with modified Animal Minimalis and Alga Minimalis. I also tweaked mutation rates to preserve DNA length (default rates provide much more deleting mutations than inserting ones). Later I added a couple of shapes.

First thing I noticed that I had setup the virus all wrong and it quickly disappeared. I still decided to carry on with the sim and see where it would go. So after 17,8 million cycles and 1800 mutations I deciphered the new DNA and found the results somewhat disappointting.

The original DNA was this:
Code: [Select]

*.eye3 *.eye7 !=
*.eye3 *.eye7 sub .aimsx store

*.vel 10 !=
30 *.vel sub .up store

*.refeye *.myeye !=
*.eye5 0 > and
*.refvelup 30 add .up store
*.refveldx .dx store

*.eye5 50 > and
*.refvelup .up store
-1 .shoot store

*.nrg *.body >
30 .strbody store

*.body *.nrg >
100 .fdbody store

*.nrg 10000 >
33 .repro store



*.nrg 5000 >
*.vtimer 0 = and
*.thisgene .mkvirus store

*.vtimer 1 =
50 .vshoot store


And it turned into:
Code: [Select]


 *.eye2 -740 ++ over *.eye7 sqr *.eye7 ++ *.eye3

 -- start
 sub .aimleft store

 -2 abs -4 swap clearbool
 *272 -707

 ~ true
 *.refeye store

 *.eye5 63 *.refveldx swapbool
 .dx store
 mod store
 ~ inc
 *.trefvelyourdn 7 dup ceil dec
 >> pyth ++ sqr 6894 dropbool
 840 .repro store
 -394 sqr !=
 1 - store
 rnd -3 -675 or
 *.shoot !~=
 *.dx false

...which boils down to:

Code: [Select]
*.eye7 *.eye3 !=
*.eye3 *.eye7 sub .aimleft store

*.refveldx .dx store

*.refeye *.myeye = 'This was -707 ~ *.refeye store, but as alga minimalis and my shepherd have zero eyes, the errect is this.
706 .aimdx store

*.eye5 63 >
.dx inc
.shoot dec

40 .repro store

Theres some fuzziness in aiming, but the basic idea is this.

The sims been very stabile for a long while and that probably is the reason for this little evolution. Still, I'm a bit baffled how little 1800 mutations, 18 000 000 cycles and more than 40k generations changed the DNA. On the other hand, this shows that DNA can remain pretty much the same even in highly mutating enviroment of DB and with only 100-200 population.

Next I'm going to get DNA longer by tweaking mutation rates and see if something new will emerge.

Has anyone else had same kind of sims? Also, any thougths on how to spice up the sim are very much appreciated.

The sim is attached.

EDIT: Fixed the cleaned dna, I had missed one store.

Bugs and fixes / Generation count not working OPEN
« on: September 20, 2008, 08:40:05 PM »
I've been running a sim for a couple million cycles now, but every bot in the sim seems to have generation count of seven, regardless of age or any other thing. I remember noticing this in earlier versions, but it never bothered me so I let it be.
EDIT: Now that I look at it, it seems that generation count is stuck on any sim I start. Maybe it has something to do with my settings? I can't think of any setting that could cause it though.

I don't know if it's related but I can't activate generational graph. It might also mess up automatic species forking.

On another note, genetic distance for both veggies and bots is something like 1-2, which is possible but sounds too small for me.

Bugs and fixes / Mutation in league mode OPEN
« on: June 23, 2008, 03:41:53 PM »
Or at least I think it is a mutation. At the end of DNA of the selected bot in the attached picture is DNA sequence that no other bot has or I haven't added. It also has void in it, so it may be another bug. It messes up the bot's conspec system and that's how I noticed it.

The bot in sim is a work in progress that I was testing as I coded it.

Bugs and fixes / Crash when loading a sim OPEN
« on: June 23, 2008, 01:22:01 PM »
Some of my recent saves of this sim crash DB when trying to load it. I've got no idea what causes it. It could have something to do with large field size or population or both.

DNA - General / Rape bots
« on: May 08, 2008, 05:57:27 PM »
As far as I know, info shots set their values *after* DNA execution. So, if a bot has .fertilized another one and the next cycle shoots an info shot that forces .sexrepro, there is no defence against it, is there? 0 .sexrepro store doesn't help becouse, the info shot overwrites that store.

Doesn't that make a rape bot a bit too powerful for leagues? Remember that if there's no common DNA, there's 50-50 chance of the new bot getting all of the rapists DNA. A good example of this is Moonfisher's Lovebot.

F2 bots / This'n'That 1.01 (F2) (Peksa) - 12.05.08
« on: May 08, 2008, 05:48:46 PM »
New news:
This changed so little that it doesn't deserve a new thread. I'm planning on updating this bot if need be, but I'll try to keep it a basic bot that's easy to read.

Old news:
This beats both old leagues and some of the newer bots. It uses default eye settings and uses no "tricks" to win. Just a well written basic bot.

I just realized, it's also my first submitted bot. Yay!

Code: [Select]
'This'n'That 1.01 (F2) (Peksa) 12.09.08
'By Peksa
'Designed for 2.43.1k
'This'n'That does little, but does it quite well. It's a very simple bot that has nothing fancy in it.
'Conspec recognition idea is from Aura by abyaly, otherwise DNA should be as original as a bot of this kind can be.
'A very slight modification, fares better against venom-using bots.

def friend 81
def shottype 82


 *.delgene 0 !=
 *.genes 1 = and
  0 .delgene store
 *.thisgene 1 !=
  *.thisgene 1 sub .delgene store
 *.thisgene *.genes !=
  *.thisgene 1 add .delgene store
 *.sexrepro 0 !=
 *.fertilized 0 != or
  0 .sexrepro store
 *.fixed 0 !=
  0 .fixpos store
 *.focuseye 0 !=
  0 .focuseye store
 *.backshot 0 !=
  0 .backshot store

 *.robage 0 =
  .tie inc

 *.robage 1 =
  .deltie inc
 *.numties 0 >
  *.tiepres .deltie store
'Conspec recognition
  *.dnalen *.robage *.dnalen mod sub dup .out7 store .tieval store
 *.in7 *.refage *.dnalen mod add *.dnalen sub abs 10 <
  1 .friend store

 *.eye5 0 = or
  0 .friend store

 *.waste 1000 >
 *.waste .shootval store
  -4 .shoot store
'Targeting and shooting
  11 rnd .shottype store

 *.eye5 0 >
 *.friend 1 != and dupbool dupbool dupbool
  *.refxpos *.refypos angle .setaim store
  *.refxpos *.refypos dist 10 div 50 sub 50 ceil 0 floor .refvelup add .up store
  *.refveldx .dx store
  -16 .shootval store
 *.refpoison 0 >
 *.refshell 0 = or and
  -6 .shoot store dropbool
 *.refpoison 0 = and
 *.refshell 0 > and
  -1 .shoot store dropbool
 *.shottype 3 <= and
 *.refeye 0 > and
  *.venom .shootval store
  -3 .shoot store dropbool

 *.eye5 50 >
 *.friend 1 != and
  *.refvelup .up store
 *.shootval *.venom != and
  32 .shootval store
 *.eye5 0 =
 *.friend 1 = or
 *.shflav 0 =
 *.shflav -2 = or and
  *.aim 418 rnd add .setaim store
 4 rnd 1  = and
  *.maxvel .dn store
 *.eye5 0 =
 *.friend 1 = or
 *.shflav 0 != and
 *.shflav -2 != and
  *.aim *.shang sub .setaim store
  16 .shootval store
  -6 .shoot store
  0 .shflav store
 *.paralyzed 0 != or
  0 .shootval store

 *.eye1 *.eye9 !=
 *.eye5 0 = and
  140 *.eye1 *.eye9 sub sgn mult *.aim add .setaim store
 *.eye2 *.eye8 !=
 *.eye5 0 = and
  105 *.eye2 *.eye8 sub sgn mult *.aim add .setaim store
 *.eye3 *.eye7 !=
 *.eye5 0 = and
  75 *.eye3 *.eye7 sub sgn mult *.aim add .setaim store
 *.eye4 *.eye6 !=
 *.eye5 0 = and
  30 *.eye4 *.eye6 sub sgn mult *.aim add .setaim store
'Body/nrg management
 *.nrg *.body !%= dupbool
 *.nrg *.body > and
  *.nrg *.body sub 100 ceil .strbody store dropbool
 *.body *.nrg > and
  *.body *.nrg sub 100 ceil .fdbody store

 *.body 1000 >
 *.nrg 1000 > and
 *.totalbots 2 div 15 floor 30 ceil *.totalmyspecies < and
 *.eye5 0 = and
  50 .repro store
 *.body 500 >
 *.nrg 500 > and
 *.totalbots 2 div 15 floor 30 ceil *.totalmyspecies >= and
 *.eye5 0 = and
  50 .repro store
 *.ploc .shoot !=
  .shoot .ploc store
 *.vloc .shoot !=
  .shoot .vloc store
 *.venval -2 !=
  -2 .venval store
 *.nrg 150 > dupbool dupbool
 *.poison 1000 < and
  50 .strpoison store dropbool
 *.shell 500 < and
  75 .mkshell store dropbool
 *.venom 15 < and
  15 *.venom sub 0 floor .strvenom store


Biology / .delgene in Real Life
« on: May 01, 2008, 07:14:15 PM »
DB DNA is somewhat based on what real organisms can do and the things real organsims can do never cease to suprise me, so I'm wondering if there's match for .delgene in real biology? And is there some mechanism that could be described as .addgene?

Suggestions / A way to edit bot's starting body
« on: May 01, 2008, 06:58:55 PM »
We can decide how much energy we want to give a new bot, but body is defaulted at 1000. Body is as important value for a bot as energy, so it would be nice to be able to modify it.

Simulation Emporium / Ways to increase natural selection?
« on: May 01, 2008, 06:54:24 PM »
Average fitness of species depends on two factors. Mutations mostly reduce fitness by breaking and mutation DNA and natural selection increases fitness, favoring those whose genomes survive better. In basic DB sim the enviroment isn't very complicated and doesn't encourage very complicated behaviour. What I'm hoping for is some simple or not-so-simple ways to encourage evolution of more interesting bots.

Off the top of my head, I can think of enabling corpse mode with low enough decay rate, adding some shapes that bots can see, running non-toroidal sim or running a sim in internet mode. Of course, creating a stable ecosystem with two or more species co-evolving would be the ultimate goal, but that's a tad hard to archieve.

With .repro and .mrepro it seems to change a tiny bit with mutations, but how is it determined when using .sexrepro? I've got a long running sim with more than hundred averagemutations, but the colour of the bots hasn't really changed from the original red.

Bugs and fixes / Courrupted .sim files RESOLVED 2.43.1k
« on: April 29, 2008, 04:36:50 PM »
I think this too might have something to do with sexrepro. The sim I posted in the last bugrep ran stable for more than 15 hours. At that point I had to restart my computer. After trying to load the sim again and I got the following error after a long while of loading:

"An Error Occured. Darwinbots cannot continue. Sorry. Invalid procedure call or argument Darwinbots 5 0"

And when trying to load any other sim I got the same error again. When I quit darwinbots to restart it, I get this error:

"Unable to save settings: some error occured"

And after pressing ok, this:

"Run-time error '55': File already open"

After pressing ok again, darwinbots closes.

After restarting, other sims run fine, but I still can't load this sim. All the autosaves from the sim act the same way.

Another cause I can think of could be the amount of mutation details. The sim has about 1000 bots and every reproduction event has added a line in mutation details, so the .sim file is bloated at 43 MB unzipped.

Bugs and fixes / Random ties at total population 9999 RESOLVED 2.43.1k
« on: April 25, 2008, 02:46:39 PM »
The picture and topic should say it all.

Sigh, but they didn't. The ties disappear the next cycle and don't seem to cause any movement in the bots.

I've got a size 12 sim running with around 9200 bots and 800 veggies at dazzling 0,4 c/sec but the total population never seems to climb over 9999. Is this hard coded or just pure chance?

Bugs and fixes / Crash to desktop
« on: April 25, 2008, 01:43:09 PM »
This is a bit mysterious. Whenever I'm running a sim with .sexrepro I get random CTDs. They don't produce error.sim to post, but instead a windows error report pops up. The pictures I've attached are screencaptures from the error report. They have the same dll file on them, ntdll.dll. I've also attached a sim that reproduces these errors quite often (the zip-file). I'm using almost exactly same settings in my other sim with no problems. The only main difference is the species that uses .sexrepro instead of .repro.

Also, I've got dual core, so I'm running two different sims at once, if that matters. The other one runs fine though (no sexrepro there).

Bugs and fixes / Fertilized seems to be broken RESOLVED 2.43.1j
« on: April 21, 2008, 06:29:32 AM »
I'm trying to get an evosim going with sexrepro but .fertilized doesn't seem to work. At first I thought it had something to do with a bot being hit with multiple -8 shots at once but that doesn't seem to be the case. The bots in the sim are designed to reproduce pretty much conditionlessly.

Edit: wrong version in the topic

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