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Bot Tavern / Re: Lets make another wikibot!
« on: October 19, 2014, 08:33:25 AM »
off topic:

There is no 'if' in db, just 'start' and 'else.' You can not make a duplex gene that uses both though. Amplification mutations take care of that.
Not sure if we need 'xnor'
So what would be the fill-in for if........Would it be else?
And If you have Xor and not then Xnor just helps to compact the code, its litterally 'not Xor'

How is that being schooled? The same idea has been bought up for a while and I was the only one to come up with a viable way to implement it. That's a little strange but not insulting or demeaning.
So considering your the Omniscience of playbots, how do I use them :D

Newbie / Questions about F1 rules and no video option
« on: October 19, 2014, 08:29:58 AM »
I was running mostly the same simulation. F1 league rules, mutation rate of 16x 100cycles, 1/16x 1000 cycles. Have corpse mode on for NRG, weather on, 2000cycle day, 1000cycle tide. Then I ran a thick fluid, thin fluid, and no fluid resistance sim, with speed and bounce at about 75% the no fluid resistance had 100% speed.

No fluid resistance and high speed looks great with tidal mode :D like popcorn!
What is F1 League rules, its confused me as i've turned it on in some of my sims and not noticed a difference :/
The lag of the program is the only thing I hate BTW :3 I have to close down everything if I want to 'play it' Which is real annoying...Might I suggest a little mode to reduce that, litterally run the sim but skip X cycles (So maybe it just goes through 5 cycles a time instead of 1) It'd get through my sims much quicker without more performance needed, and then I could have more fun >:D. BTW - I felt it nessisary to save my cancerous bots sim...How do I save a single bot though, I want to save the incredibly cancerous omniscience being.

Bot Tavern / Re: Lets make another wikibot!
« on: October 18, 2014, 06:03:42 AM »
Ok, I am new to darwinbots, but lets have a go at this then *Cracks nuckles*
Code: [Select]
.tie inc
 *.focuseye 505 add * 0 >
 *.nrg 1000 sub sgn 0 floor 49 *.venom sub sgn 0 floor mult 5 mult .strvenom store
 7 0 store
 -2 .venval store
 59 << *.robage 192 ceil >> rnd << << ++ store
 *.eyef 0 sub sgn abs -- abs 511 mult inc
 *.refbody << *.timer *323 rnd 3 ceil mult ++ .up store
 59 << *.robage 192 ceil >> rnd << << ++ store
 *.refeye 4 sub .sx store
 .shoot dec
 5 .sharenrg store
 *.body *.trefbody sub 10 div 65 floor .sharenrg store
*.tmemloc .chlr sub sgn abs .chlr mult .tmemloc *.tmemval 0 sub sgn abs 99 mult .sharenrg store 
*.refxpos *.refypos angle .aimshoot store
.chlr .memloc store
*.refxpos *.refypos dist 300 div *.maxvel mult *.refvel add 0 floor *.maxvel ceil .up store
cond *.availability 50 > start *.mkchlr 1

Oh btw did anyone else notice that XNOR & if is missing from the operators on WikiManual

DNA - General / My first custombot's code
« on: October 18, 2014, 05:51:15 AM »
Code: [Select]
' Gene 1 Food Finder
 *.eye5 0 >
 *.refeye *.myeye !=
 *.refveldx .dx store
 *.refvelup 30 add .up store

' Gene 2 Eat Food
 *.eye5 50 >
 *.refeye *.myeye !=
-1 .shoot store
 *.refvelup .up store

' Gene 3 Steal Food
 *.eye5 100 < and *.eye5 50 >
 *.refeye *.myeye !=
 *.tiepres .tienum store
 -20 .tieval store
 -1 .tieloc store

' Gene 4 Avoiding Family
 *.eye5 0 =
 *.refeye *.myeye = or
 314 rnd .aimdx store

' Gene 5 Reproduce
 *.robage 25 >
 *.nrg 21000 >
 10 .repro store

Minorly editted version of the Animal_Mimalis...Is there any errors in it...Especially within Gene 2 & 3 as im trying to get it to be able to do both ties & shoot... Any suggestions for improvements..? Also Id love to have a pointer on how to edit the reproduce so it will perform mitosis when it has a higher NRG if it cant perform .sexrepro when the conditions are true for both circumstances but it isnt fertilised, Because it'd be more desirable for it to do .sexrepro but for it to survive I want a mitosis backup :D
EDIT:...If that made sence :D

RANT / Re: Spork, you seem board
« on: October 18, 2014, 05:36:27 AM »
[Bumpy bumpy bump]
Seriously...Shapes would be nice to default set to black with the create 10 random shapes, and slightly smaller :3

RANT / Wikimanual Command Explanations
« on: October 18, 2014, 05:34:51 AM »
E.G. .refeye explaination is:
.refeye ----- How many .eye commands do you have in your DNA? Returns the number to me eye1, eye2, eye5, eye9? Any of them. I'm not fussy.
Wth? Eye commands...If im having to look up .refeye do I have a extensive knowledge of .eye commands!?!
Its torturous D:

Newbie / Bots Genes
« on: October 16, 2014, 02:02:55 PM »
Im completely new, so can someone post me a list of bot genes + what they do/give me a link to them, Ill just plough through them once I have a good definitions list...and basic understanding of how to compile the genes.

Really simple system, litterally lets you directly edit the bots code in a simulation, mid-simulation.

Also, it'd be nice a simple list of the various commands (w/ finder) Im pretty new here and the *eyeX:e3r8fexcvnfdrhei is incredibly confusing compared to normal code :3
And a little add-on to this suggestion post...Bot flagellum and other misc. parts - IRL Cells have little things to help them do specific tasks, to co-ordinate themselves, allowing for multi-cellular life, currently all bots are boring old circles, but ovular bots, bots with feelers, grabbers etc. Would make 1 species interact better, or POSSIBLY under right circumstances create multiple species working together...This would make sims so much fun  :D  :D  :D

Bot Tavern / 3974 Cycles and I have a *complex* Being
« on: October 16, 2014, 12:07:58 PM »
I installed darwinbots late last night yesterday, so this is my first proper sim...I after looking at the various creatures in test sims settled on Alga Mimalis for plants, then Animal Mimalis & Ebola for my non-plants...
I created a few globuls of shapes, I dont like a to big maze...then made these little plant clusters and 'trails' and Ebola...Exploded? Not sure what happened to it really, it just *boom* But Animal Mimalis without to much interaction has gone, quite cool...At first i thought some protein trail or something built up, but I zoomed in, and found it had mass-reproduced, and was floating in the corridors I had made, and was acting like a multi-cellular being...Its using some of the smallest outer ones to *feel* around and some bits to anchor itself, good god...All it needs next are legs. I had 1/2 mutation, and kept the mutation rates for individual species standard, put a huge as hell map...

I just wish the DNA Parts were slightly better named, or in-program was a DNA chunk list...And that there was some way to directly interact with the DNA. If anyone knows how to help, i'd be happy to listen! As I said, Ive only just started.

Thanks as ever
   ~Spike4384, 14

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