Author Topic: Algae that shoots back randomly for evolution sims  (Read 117 times)

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Algae that shoots back randomly for evolution sims
« on: November 26, 2021, 07:07:43 PM »
Looks like this is the place where i put my bots. Well, here's an algae that just shoots randomly whenever it gets shot at. I wanted to make a plant that was more challenging than alga minimalis because all you had to do was stand there and shoot it, so my evolution sims became boring and devolved into cannibalism and 32000 shell bots. Originally i came up with one that shot back perfectly, but it killed all of the animal minimalis before they could evolve anything cool :( so i just made it shoot randomly to make it kinda dangerous, in the way that a dull, rusted butter knife is kinda dangerous

Code: [Select]
' Algae that shoots back randomly
' Literally just alga_minimalis_choloroplastus but without the slime since that's a huge waste of time
' and that shoots randomly when being shot at. It's pretty simple, I use this for evolution
' sims since alga_minimalis is literally challengeless, but anything resembling a competent defense
' with shells or venom or poison kills poor animal_minimalis outright before it evolves anything cool :(
' This should make hunting kinda dangerous but not lethally deadly

cond 'new gene from Botsareus and Panda
  *.chlr *.light <
  160 .mkchlr store

cond ' have BABIES :DDD
  *.nrg 6000 >
  50 .repro store
  15 .aimdx store

cond 'shoot randomly when being shot at
  *.shflav 0 <
  -1 .shoot store
  1256 rnd .aimdx store