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Good alternatives to darwinbots


I like darwinbots, but I would like to know if there are good alternatives do DB outthere...

Anyone is doing different stuff??

If you're in to the scripting aspect, there's screeps.  I haven't played it but it's relatively well reviewed.  Personally I like programming games but it always feels like I should just be doing actual programming.

If you're in to the evolution aspect, I don't know of very much new, to be honest.  My impression is that most of that creative energy is currently doing neural net stuff, since that's super en vogue right now.  So any artificial life simulations of depth are from 10+ years ago.

But I'd love to hear I'm wrong! :)

There is still not much other good stuff out there, one reason I am still occasionally  checking for darwinbots3 ;P.  Sometimes I get some idea to make  my own game but then hit some snatch in the abstract mechanics or simple my programming skills.

offtopic: I recently considered that instant digestion time might be one of the reason Evo simulations are so instable in DB. I mean nature has so much organic material lying around and it often takes very long to recycle it, some thinks even have to decay first before beeing consumable. I think this stabilizes the food provision and slows life down enough to become isolated and such diverse.


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