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Any good predatory bots to adapt MyFirstBot to?


Just wondering.

well first off what is your first bot? we need a comparison to match it to. depending on the bot we may have to make a predatory bot for it from scratch

Edit: it wouldn't be the slightly modified animal min in "it won't work" would it? if so we could modify another animal min specifically for predatory behavior relatively easy. however we also need to know the type of settings you will be using such as viscosity and such.

I mean a bot I can code it to survive against, nothing that it already works with.

And yes its just a slightly modified Animal_Min

well you can look through the bestiary for good bots to go against. i recommend either first trying eco bots or interesting behavior bots to go against till you find one that it can't beat very well. you can also try having it beat itself for a bit too to find a good balance for it's self and to help randomize up the code a bit for better mutations down the line, hopefully. after that you can slowly evolve up the chain to harder and harder bots. however if you want to evolve a bot against a specific trait such as poison or venom it might be best if you make another bot for that purpose, most bots in the f1 will likely use dirty tricks as such or worse so i recommend going after them last. well the choice is yours. have fun. we would like to see what you come up with. if you need further help don't be afraid to ask.


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