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Use http get and set requests instead of ftp

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RE https or the internet mode stuff?

Yeah, sounded like you were maybe volunteering some expertise in the area?

Yeah, I'm happy to help out.

For the internet mode stuff I'll get the server side stuff running, then it's just adding code to Darwinbots. For the https it's pretty simple to set it up, but if you give me access to the server hosting it I can do it for you. Have multiple sites using lets encrypt, as well as all my own sites ( ), and it works really well. Would also be neat to have a / server if you'd like me to set one up

For the internet mode, will the DB client ask for if there's a bot available to get regularly and always take it if there is one, or is the server side more intelligent and selectively chooses DB clients? I've got measures in place to prevent abuse (Draining all bots / pushing out a lot of your own bots),  but I'd need to know if I need to add more intelligence for the server

Eg, if there isn't any intelligence in the client then it may be worth, on receiving an uploaded bot assign it to another connected IP, rather than sending it back to the first client that issues a GET. I feel I may be over complicating things, and the simple method should work well enough:w


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