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Use http get and set requests instead of ftp

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Hey Numsgil I was thinking (well actually I got the idea from a guy I hang out with at school)

Can we replace the ftp with simple http get and set requests? That way we can really streamline everything and make it scale.

Problem is, do not how a clue how to write the server side portion of it. I may be able to hack the client side into vb6 though.

Also, wasn't this exactly what Shasta was working on?

Yes, I think it's a reasonable approach and yes, it was one of the plans for a while.  It needs server side support, either PHP or python or whatever, and I'm not really a web programmer so I didn't know how to do that.
 There's also security concerns and I'm not enough of a web programmer or linux guy to know what is or isn't a good idea here.  I'd want to jail the custom server side code as much as possible so it can't break things and can't be used as an entry point to attack the server.

I suspect PHP.
Though, I'm just too out of touch with web programming and haven't ever properly done PHP. You'd have to check really.

If we get a proper web programmer down here, it'd be nice to have an internet page where we can see what's happening on an internet sim.

Not a "proper" web programmer, so I'd be able to get it all put together securely etc (I'm more on the admin / security kinda stuff), but it won't have a pretty web page. Someone else can write the css if they'd like. Also, I'd suggest that the site should be moved to https using lets encrypt, really simple to set it up

What do you need me to do?


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