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Ns if this should go into Offtopic or Shadow's "duel evo sim" post or Announcements, might as well go into offtopic.

Native eco system in darwinbots

The reason this works is:

1.) In order to actually feed from chloroplasts a robot must express movement and shooting, however shooting and movement is suppressed as long as a robot has chloroplasts. I was thinking about primitive life and how stuff evolved to collect chemicals first before it learned to use chloroplasts. This means that if the robot is tired of being a plant it will revert to hunt for food. (The plants stop being plants when there is not enough light available for them leading to a predator cycle)

2.) In normal conditions all plants will eventually die because there "non plant" variants are too powerful. This leads to extinction of the entire ecosystem. To solve the problem I simply give them plenty initial energy, crank up the cost to move, and lower movement efficiency. This means that if there is not enough food close by the predators will die. (Nothing hunting and plenty of sun light freed up by the predator cycle and good sized initial energy leads to a prey cycle where the plants happily reproduce again.)

nice do i actually see evolution taking place there? if so its about time an evo video was out... ;)

actually i think this should be its own topic but under the same folder as mine...

Yep, first time I have seen multibots evolve from non-multibots. :P

multibots from non-multibots!
I'm going to have to check this sim out at some point when I get the time!


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