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How much progress has been made on DB3?


Just stopping in more-or-less to ask how much progress DB3 has had, if at all? It'd be nice to see it when its pretty much complete.

I'm still working on it pretty regularly.  I have maybe 95% of a very simple single bot simulator done, but my progress recently has been slow because I moved to London in November.  I have some infrastructure stuff I'm working on right now but once that's finished I have another maybe week or two of some UI work/polish and I can release it.  Fingers crossed I don't see why I couldn't release it sometime in the next few months, but I don't like making promises like that, as I'm usually pretty bad at estimating coding time.

Don't expect too much; it's the first executable that ties in a lot of the systems together at once.  It's mostly a way for me to experiment with the glue that holds the different parts of the program together (DNA, rendering, UI thread management, etc.)

really? that's pretty good. cant wait to see it.

Sweet. I'm sure even the first release of it will be awesome nums.


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