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Big berthas in DB3?


If we just let robots get massive and slowly ingest everything smaller we will have an evolutionary dead end. Alex from 'evolution' apparently had this exact problem in his early versions.

Related: Will there really be no shots in DB3?

I figure we'll deal with that problem when we get to it.  My preferred solution would be to add some tools to, say, randomly kill some robots from time to time.  That would discourage putting all your eggs in one basket.

I might decide to add shots, I'm not sure.  There's a lot of this that I won't figure out until I get far enough to start experimenting with it.

Did not think about random killing as an option. Kool.

Degrade DNA over time (in some means) at a slightly randomized rate.
Gives incentive to reproduce.

I am not totally against the idea of robots with more surface area get hit with more point mutations. However it is very difficult to figure out the most efficient robot on the screen if we have point mutations in the first place. One way of doing it though is instead of counting 1 for each kid you count a % of how similar the DNA is to the target robot. What I like about Numsgils idea is the simplicity.


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