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Can anyone explain the workings of Zerobot Mode


Hi guys,
I noticed that a Zerobot Mode had been added to the settings a few releases ago but I can't really find any documentation on how it works or what it does.  I get the impression it does something towards automating zerobot evolution, but I was hoping someone could explain what its methods were etc.

I will publish a paper describing how it works at some point.
Also as explained before it favors reproduction over feeding too much. Still playing with that.

edit: For now all I can tell you is the use of operant conditioning variable interval. Hopefully my next drop will fix it, so you do not normally get just stationary cancerous bots, it is still very much a work in progress compared to Vegys or IM. For the latter I will need a major revision but it just feels wrong because Numsgil wants 2.5 to be his c++ version, I will feel like a dush releasing under 2.49. Anyway sorry for the completely off topic here.

Thanks, maybe I'll go back to manual ZB evo for now then.  Looking forward to the updated version though!

... Almost ready to post a new version. Wish I could announce it on the wiki, but wiki login still seems broken.
I got zb evo to work better and now optimizing my survival mutation rare correction functions. I might actually take them back out completely if I can not get them to work.


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