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Darwinbots 2.48.27 with installer

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Please use the full install pack so true randomness works correctly. Here is a direct download link:


Changes this version:

(last minute 2.48.26 fixes)
~Overflow error fixed in calculating genetic distance.
~Minor UI fix in randomizer seeding.
~String limit for mutations descriptions to prevent out of memory works.
~Fixed a bug inserting robots manually with no chloroplasts tag.
~Fixed a bug where a simulation was not resuming under sertain restart modes under sertain conditions.
~Fixed reproduce button in robot info.
~Fixed a bug to repopulate vegys properly when all vegys are dead.
~More general error checking and file lock prevention in randomizer seeding.
~Fix to deal with extream cases in survival evo fitness function.
~Added rules for internet transfear multibots that have corpses attached.
~Minor bug fix to display walls in settings at setting load.

Have fun!

Released 2.48.28

Fixed an annoying bug when each time rerunning eco evo another tag is added to robot.

Fixed a bug in translocation mutation it was clipping wrong by one command.

Experimental fix in simple survival fitness function so I do not have to reset the mutation rates file manually.

If you are not using my advanced stuff it should not make a difference.

Praise be.

I know, I actually got 39 'stage-generations' total out of my zerobot  until I got tiered of babysitting it. Plant is going slow, but so far they managed to lose the slime gene. Uni is going slow too, all the paper work is taking some time. That was when I decided to visit and post an update. Later.  :P Oh, sorry for being completely defiant to the sarcasm, did that for two posts already. :P

Hmm... Kinda rushed that release a bit. Still tweaking the new experimental feature. Happy new year I guess.


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