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I'm trying to make a virus that uses the new *.thisgene I'm working on to propogate itself.

But I don't know how to go about using the virus code.  I could look it up but I think everyone would benefit from someone showing how to use it here.

Start from the beginning, and go through the process step by step.

Righty ho then (flexes fingers)

It is a bit awkward I guess.

To make a virus you should follow these steps.
* 1 Decide which of your own genes to copy into the virus.
* 2 Apply this to the .mkvirus command. eg  This will copy gene 5 into a temporary storage array to create the virus.
--- Code: --- 5 .mkvirus store
--- End code ---

* 3 It takes a finite amount of time to copy this gene into the virus so at the beginning of the process, the gene length is calculated and this value is placed into a count-down timer which can be accessed by the robot via .vtimer. This is a read only value indicating how long you have to wait till the virus is ready.
* 4 Once .vtimer reaches zero, the virus is ready and it can be fired by placing any non-zero value into .vshoot. this will shoot the virus straight forward. (You can't use backshot with it as far as I can remember)I did play around with allowing the number stored into .vshoot to give a gene address in the target robot to insert the virus at but this idea was abandoned due to being totally and utterly unrealistic.

Hope this helps

 :D  PY  :D

One small caveat:

vtimer is 1 when there is a virus ready to fire.  0 if there is no virus ready to fire, > 1 if there is still time left to wait.

Other than that great guide!  I made a self replicating virus.  Made a dummy species that only fired the virus.  Ymir wiped it out quickly but not before being infected.

Now there's nothing but viruses flying all over the screen!  Bwahahaha!

Many little blue dots huh?  

 <_<  PY  <_<


This could be alot of fun!


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