Author Topic: Sick of how quite it is.  (Read 5147 times)

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Sick of how quite it is.
« on: November 16, 2014, 04:58:00 AM »
Did we have a hayday here or something, its like a ghost town, litterally nobody is around, even botsareus has just silenced himself, its now purely me, peter, shadowgod2 & testlund...and the occasional bump from numsigl.

Seriously, maybe get like nums to send a post to everyone who has ever registered here saying...'we miss you' because its driving me insane, im quite litterally invading the forums (like every thread has me finishing it off 0.0)
Autism can allow so much joy, and at the same time sadness to be seen. Our world is weird, and full of contradiction everywhere, yet somehow at moments seems to come together, and make near perfect sense.