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The randomizer runs every 2 seconds and freezes the sim for 10 seconds each time, which pretty much puts the sim to a stand-still. It would be nice if the randomizer worked a lot less often. What is it randomizing exactly? The dna?

Theres a randomiser? (do you mean .rnd?)
+ It doesnt freeze sim for me, and my computers pretty basic.

It's not .rnd just rnd. You use a "." only when you are referring to a sysvar like .eye5

ahh god, you remind me of a dirty minded inuendo from one of my friends to do with american punctuation lessons:

--- Quote ---Never forget your periods and fingerspaces kids!
--- End quote ---

NOO! I'm talking about the exe file "DarwinTrue2.48.25.exe"! It connects to to generate random numbers that is supposed to affect DB somehow.

I wanted to test this how it works, but I'm only running the sim with this exe for a few seconds, then I save and load the sim with the other exe, hoping that the sim will have been affected by


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