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CHIMPANZEE POLITICS (nature is the coolest, btw zombie ants are awesome)


Chimp politics
If another chimp doesn't know something, the lower ranking member that knows (e.g. where the banana is) will mislead and trick the higher ranker.
If theyre performing a task, both get grape, everyones happy, but when 1 gets a banana and the other gets grape (banana = better = gold = happy = yay!) then they will BOTH throw a temper tantrum till they get equal rewards!

Susposedly now, elephants and dolphins are equal intellect to us, and chimps are a superior race! :D

BTW: dogs are stupid now as well. legit.

Higher ranking are there because they know things the lower ranking do not know in the first place. This apparently how society works too. Chimps intellect is closest to us is what I mean. Thank you for sharing. Depressing. I'll get over it.

The higher ranking, is only the intellect that the others know of, yet the ones forced to just scrape by, can know things that could topple all else.


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