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Bot Gene Changing + 'Mini-2nd suggestion'

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Really simple system, litterally lets you directly edit the bots code in a simulation, mid-simulation.

Also, it'd be nice a simple list of the various commands (w/ finder) Im pretty new here and the *eyeX:e3r8fexcvnfdrhei is incredibly confusing compared to normal code :3
And a little add-on to this suggestion post...Bot flagellum and other misc. parts - IRL Cells have little things to help them do specific tasks, to co-ordinate themselves, allowing for multi-cellular life, currently all bots are boring old circles, but ovular bots, bots with feelers, grabbers etc. Would make 1 species interact better, or POSSIBLY under right circumstances create multiple species working together...This would make sims so much fun  :D  :D  :D

1.) You can use playerbot mode/ rgb memory monitor/ and debugint/debugbool with the robot console to interact directly with the DNA.
2.) Although a robot must have some multicellular feature at start. You can always restrict them to be multibot from the restrictions menu. That will force them to be multibot.

Good luck! :)

You can thank me for coming up with how Playerbot mode worked.. However, the idea came up many times.

Somewhat off topic:

You just got schooled brother. Playerbot is actually a useful feature.

I know. It's just that nobody know how to implement it or how it would work until I explained my idea. :/


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