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SB League Spring 2014
« on: May 24, 2014, 10:21:29 AM »
1-Fruit Flies v0.21 (F1) (Moonfisher) 28-09-08
2-Fruit Flies 0.1 (F1) (Moonfisher) 23-09-08
3-Fruit Flies v0.2 (F1) (Moonfisher) 25-09-08
4-Singula Haloculus v2.1 (SB)(bacillus)5-12-2008
5-Nanite Detonators v2.2 (SG, F1) (Trafalgar) - (05.11.2008)
6-Pacifist (5G) (Moonfisher) 19-02-08
9-One Man Bucket (SS)(F2)(abyaly)-03.04.07
10-Seasnake 1.0 (MB)(EricL) - 23.04.08
11-Furiae (6G)(Light)-21.04.05
13-Gazer 1 (F1)(MNuts)(30-01-2008)
14-Devincio Solo (1G)(PY)-08.03.04
15-Expletus Unocomplitus (1G)(Jez)-11.03.04
16-Dagblad Activia (6G)(Henk)-05.03.04
17-Animal_Archaea (SS)(MacadamiaNuts) - 10.08.2007
18-Schoonmaker (6G)(Henk)-04.03.04
19-Asterus Igni (6G)(F1)(Esrever)-22.02.05

Seeding Faze:
Some robots such as AbsoluteZero did not do well at seeding due to larger screen area of the SB league
Asterus Igni was the first to do somewhat well under given conditions that is a true 6GSB
T.Masquito, Gnat, Beta, Dagblad Activia, Devincio, Ever Jan's, FirstBot and Gazer (being a very unique robot) did well
Fruit Flies did awesome
Guardian did not do very well, too much code?
Lionfish and Seasnake did well, very cool looking robots
The One and Two did well enough
A few robots zeroed out there populations
Tournament Faze:
Round 1:
Five matches in we got our first interesting match, Detinators out detonated Una for the win
Pacifist beat Numsgil's Animal Minimalis by disabling it with a nasty virus
Pest control, another version of detonators almost took down the cockroach. But the roach is making a comeback will it be in time? And the roach took it!
One Man Bucket playing cat and mouse games with Joachim, looks like Joachim is the mouse
Bradus slowly munching, Ever Jan's bot forming spider webs around food having the starting advantage; Ever Jan's strangles Bradus to death
Mythos started out strong bad has been out maneuvered and out timed by D.Blinder
Dominis was holding on against TheOne as long as it could
First crazy spinners spins where more effective then my firstbot although firstbot was winning it at some point
Henks mod of First bot had a population explosion for the win
Round 2:
Roach (among others) did not stand a chance against Flies
Gazer made it against the odds
It was a close one between Animal Arcaea and FirstBotADV and went into overtime; Arcaea took it because it was more stable
Dagbled was strangled poor lionfish
Pasifist virus infected TheOne early, it was down to one robot against one robot and Pasifist takes it!
Singula Haloculus was doing good against Devincio Solo at the beginning, but then Devinicio over took it for the win
One man bucket out populated Two
Stepladder Faze:
Archaea out populated Ingi
BETA-AA took BETA for the win
Dagbled was on par with the Betas until Expletus overtook it
Flies0.1 out populated Flies0.2 causing an overflow in the mean time that I had to fix for the league to continue
Flies0.21 took down Flies o.1 using above strategy
The only thing Furiae did well against was Devincio
Same story with Gazer
Gnat repeatedly ran out of steam landing him in one spot above Gazer
Furiae makes an amazing come back against One man bucket but not enough to win it
Impressive! Nanite Detonators took down Pasifist
Being a late entry Schoonmaker did not do well only winning against Igni
One man bucket has consumed Seasnake but Seasnake beat Furiae
Singula Haloculus was on par with Fruit Flies
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Re: SB League Spring 2014
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2014, 05:24:05 PM »
I remember making Gazer, never quite finished debugging it. I'm surprised it still can fight on the latest versions. :blink:
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Re: SB League Spring 2014
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2014, 03:20:16 PM »
Seems it's doing okay :D

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Re: SB League Spring 2014
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2014, 08:36:47 PM »
Well, Gnat is pretty good considering it's only tactic is mass repro...
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