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F2 League Summer 2014
« on: June 14, 2014, 01:52:19 PM »
1-Spinner v1.5 (F2) (Moonfisher) 04-05-08
2-Spinner v1.52 (F2) (Moonfisher) 02-10-08
3-Spinner v1.4 (F2) (Moonfisher) 01-05-08
4-Przykrosc [Vexation] (F3)(MysticalDumpling)23.2.14
5-Astronomo2 (F2)(Commander Keen)3-10-08
6-Spinner v1.3 (F2) (Moonfisher) 27-04-08
7-multiply3 (F2)(peter) -18.9.07
8-Martian Tank 2 (F2)(Martian)-04.07.2007
9-Blue on Blue (F2)(Jez)-05.08.06
10-Simplebot20 (F2)-PY (17-01-2007)
11-Terminator MKVII (F2)(Mutchy)-02.08.04
12-Mefistofelicus Mefistofeles (F2)(Mefisto74)-05.01.04
13-Lentus Ethologus (F2)(Hollower)-18.07.03
14-Martian Tank 3 (F2)(Martian)-06.07.2007
15-A. Praxidikae mkI (F2)(Unc)-01.09.05
17-H. Hunter3 (F2)(PY)-27.10.03
18-D. Blinder (F2)-01.03.04
19-Mefistofelicus Preservans (F2)(Mefisto74)-31.12.03
20-Daniel Pearce (F2)(Daniel Pearce)-31.03.04
21-Umbra Draconis (F2)(Shen)-04.08.04

Seeding Faze:
A_Praxidikae is a wild little robot, although is not reproducing very well
It will be interesting to see how well will Alpha do in the F2 league
Animal_Simplisis almost died out before starting to repro, the shots are crazy
Anubis Canis is the first robot I observe with speedy reproduction
Astronomo, Blue, Bubbles, Icarus, Multiply, Spinner are doing well
B-Alpha needs Pond mode to survive
Beta has cool eyes
Borg repro the last second to get a starting seed of, never mind, reproduced after 2K cycles, starting seed is 5
Poor C.Ancestralis but Desendents did better
Circumversor did not expect such massive vegys
Diversa reflexum is indeed showing diverse reflexes
Later versions of Excalibur are pritty good
Hunter 2.16 from PY did not do that bad considering how old the robot is
Massed Hunter tangly to everything, it was fun to watch
Potissimus Terminator has cool swingy spinny tie behavior
An '05 robot Purple Flamma is doing better then expected
Tournament Faze:
Probably the most interesting thing that happened during the league itself was a snake like multibot forming borders around the food to prevent other robots from reaching it
The only F3 robot that made it in F2 was Dumpling's
Stepladder Faze:
The first 8 robots are stronger then the last 14
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