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MB League Spring 2014
« on: May 24, 2014, 10:28:29 AM »
1-Seasnake 1.0 (MB)(EricL) - 23.04.08
2-T3 (MB)
4-Helios (MB)(Light)-18.12.04
6-Proeliator Briareus(MB)(stangers)03-11-07
8-Tribolis 0.1(MB)(Bacillus)-21008
9-Stupido Idiotus(MB)(Peter)23-09-07
10-Duo (MB)(Elite)-16.09.06
11-Vermis Ettinus 0.15 (MB)(Eight)-28.08.04
12-Slim Evo
13-H. Devincio Triangulus (MB)(PY)-13.11.03
14-Cerberus 1.1 (MB)(Eight)-13.09.04
15-Animal Multi(MB)(Peter)

Seeding Faze:
Animal Multi had some trouble reproducing
Cerberus 1.1 did allot better then Cerberus 1.0
Due, Helios, Hydra did very well
Inch worm and Simple Bot Virus did not do well under given costs
Jeffalish was struggling a little but did well
Seasnake proved it is a solid robot once again
Although it seemed promising Symbioticus did not do well under costs
Triboliss? seasnake like behavior means it did well
Tribolis 0.2 awesome reproduction strategy means it did very well
Tournament Faze:
First interesting match was when Tribulis takes out PY's Hexagonis2, Hecagonis ran out of steam
Helios and Triangulus was an incredible fight at any given moment I had no idea who is going to win, finally Helios got lucky and won
Stupido Idiotus out muscled Shen's 3 cell
Animal Multi took down Hexagonis by pure numbers
Vermis was not doing well but Hexagonis1 was doing worse
Stepladder Faze:
Catapillar takes down Animal Multi for first place
Animal Multi is not doing so well against Cerberus lending Cerberus into 2nd place
Duo did not make it against Catapillar but kills Cerberus for 2nd place
Helios takes down Catapillar for first spot
Hydra only made it against Duo lending it in 3rd
Jeffalish was doing good until Helios decided it is time to reproduce
Hydra eats Jeffalish, it is all downhill from there
Proeliator outwits Hydra
Seasnake eats Helios for first place
Battle of the 2part bots, Duo vs. Stupido Idiotus, Stupido Idiotus for a close win
T3 beats Helios for 2nd
T3's virus kills Tribolis
Tribolis is finally successful against Stupido Idiotus
Tribolis 0.2 out performs Helios
Vermis Ettinus kills Slim Evo