Author Topic: Darwinbots history?  (Read 3761 times)

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Darwinbots history?
« on: January 24, 2014, 04:25:17 AM »
i didnt know where to post this...
Darwinbots, its just so ...  ;) genious... a simulation with dna and mutation, evolution, life.. its like a game made to be programmed... anyways to the point, how did Darwinbots start?, what was the original idea, what happend to this point... i would be happy if some people would spare some time to tell me some history of this awesome application  :D

also, what is the predicted future for this awesome simulation/game, cause Darwinbots really is one of those things that deserve more attention,  and it doesent look like its gonna become popular, just by existing...  :(
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Re: Darwinbots history?
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2014, 01:27:19 PM »
how did Darwinbots start?, what was the original idea, what happend to this point...

Sure I can fill you in:

Darwinbots was originally developed by an Italian dude named Carlo. He made a port of it to English. Originally, darwinbot physics was really primitive. We had ties but all robots where Squares and followed simple square collisions instead of billiard style collisions that we use now. The DNA execution was originally different too; The cycle was updating on every store command. Then Purple Yucho took over further development. Me and Numsgil joined around the same time PY took over. The program underwent drastic changes; all kinds of improvements such as the shell/slime/venom/poison/virus systems we use now. Numsgil, we his awesome talent of higher mathematics moved up the ranks pretty quickly. I however had a tough transition form my teen years and did not move up until presently. At some point PY quit to work on a different project and Numsgil took over. He and EricL where polishing up stuff until very presently where EricL left us. At that point I took over development of DB2. The two most notable features I added are sexual reproduction (based on Numsgils specs) and Chloroplasts (based on Shwarz spec.) On a final note, Shvarz is a real life biologist who was with our team from the beginning and kept the micro biology flavor of DB going. He still sneaks by from time to time. Anyway, Darwinbots was originally intended as a micro biology emulator, and I think we are achieving that goal.

what is the predicted future for this awesome simulation/game,

Well until DB3 is somewhat functional, I am going to work on restart modes for DB2. These include league restart modes and advanced evolution restart modes. Then I am going to focus on zerobot restart modes. Then I would love to fix IM and focus on advanced evolution with ecosystem and IM mode. Meanwhile Numsgil is porting everything into c# because vb6 is no longer supported by Microsoft. He is also bringing alot of interesting unique ideas with his port like his new awesome (although rather laggy) physics engine.

I am hoping that Panda (another reasonably old member) will help me fix IM. Because Ammeh took the credit for it and boasts about it on her resume but it does not even work.

edit: If anyone would like to add anything go ahead. This was written from my point of view.
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