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The full version of 2.46.02 will include a new install package with settings files. I am collecting these files now, user's choice.
All you have to do is click save settings (see picky) However, please use only the robots attached here, you will have to unzip them first. Then just attach your file to your post in this thread.

Also please note that now you can save walls as part of your settings file. All you have to do is start a simulation, add a bunch of walls of your taste, then go back to settings and click save settings. The system also remembers your wall settings when you exit darwinbots. (Make sure you are using version 2.46.02Beta)

I need people's input mainly because my creativity in this area is limited. And because other people may use the program for different reasons then what I tend to use it for.

here you go

Thank you, I would love to get some settings from Testlund and rwill128 too...

rwill128 is it ok if I use the settings file you emailed me?


--- Quote from: Botsareus on January 07, 2014, 11:34:40 AM --- save walls as part of your settings file.
--- End quote ---

Nice work! I like this feature.  :) Testing Darwin2.46.02BetaA now.

Here is my settings file:


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