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Planet Eaters

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This would be very processor intensive, so it would only work for small sims.

Each bot is attracted towards other bots by inverse square law.  Basically gravitational pull, determined by each robots' mass.

Obviously this would be a just for fun mode.  It doesn't mirror anything in real life (anyway, I sure hope not!).   I think it would be fun to see bots learn to use a gravity sling effect from large groupings of vegs to accelerate to high speeds cheaply.

Also, the artificial speedlimit imposed on bots is kind of like the speed of light limit.

Maybe we can just increase a bots mass when it approaches maxvel.  Of course, that's a whole can of relativity worms I don't want to open. :rolleyes:

Hey why not add quantum tunnelling too?  :blink:

 :D  PY  :D

Old Henk:
Hehe funny idea. WouldnĂ˝ mind playing around with that...  B)

Can't wait to see bots that have evolved to live in that environment :D

The only major problem I see is that it increases in complexity in O(n^2).  That is, it is the worse possible case in complexity, and would slow the program down noticably.


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